For years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie formed the biggest Hollywood power couple. But could compatibility astrology have predicted their eventual breakup?

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For 12 years, it seemed like nothing could go wrong in the worlds of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The couple had a tumultuous start to their relationship. It’s believed that Pitt was still seeing Jennifer Aniston when he got together with Angelina.

But you couldn’t deny their chemistry.

It shined through on the silver screen in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And it was on the set of that film that the romance came alive.

The couple seemed inseparable. Together, they both had and adopted several children. Brad and Angelina were the perfect Hollywood power couple. Both are intensely charismatic and stunningly attractive. They were everything that we think about when we hear the word “Hollywood.”

Until they weren’t.

In August 2016, Angelina filed for divorce from Brad. She said that irreconcilable differences drove them apart.

And now we come to a question for which we may find an answer in astrology. Compatibility is always a major talking point for any new couple.

But could compatibility astrology have predicted Brangelina’s breakup?

We think that it could.

So What is Compatibility Astrology?

It’s simple.

Compatibility astrology looks to the stars and the planets to determine if a couple is compatible. When done well, it can show you what drew you together. And it can also show you the things that might pull you apart.

It makes use of a number of different signs and links.

For example, did you know that your ascendant sign is just as important as your sun sign in compatibility astrology?

That’s because your ascendant sign is the one that you show to the world. That means it’s also the sign that you show most prominently to a potential partner.

It’s that sign that a partner gets attracted to.

Of course, that isn’t to say your sun sign isn’t important. It is, as is your moon sign. And a practitioner will use both in astrology. Compatibility charts cover so many different things because they have to. After all, there are many small issues that could damage compatibility.

The link between Venus and Mars is especially important in this branch of astrology. Mars is the planet of fiery passion where Venus is the planet of sweet romance. In compatibility astrology, you look for both the house position and sign of both in each person’s birth chart.

You look for a match that also provides a little bit of tension. After all, a relationship can get boring if both partners are exactly the same.

Finally, there is the simple aspect of completion.

Does each partner have something that completes the other?

People often say that opposite attracts. However, what you truly see in this situation is that two people come together because they each offer something that the other lacks.

Those are the basics.

Compatibility astrology gets a lot more complicated the further you dig into it.

With all that said, could this branch of astrology have predicted what happened between Brad and Angelina?

The Early Days

did compatibility astrology predict brangelina's split?PinAll signs pointed to an extremely compatible couple during the early days of the relationship.

In fact, the biggest problem they faced at the time was the backlash that came with the Pitt and Aniston split. Public sentiment went against them at the time, even though their chemistry was so strong.

Saturn played a key role in bringing Brad and Angelina together.

Brad never made a secret of the fact that he wanted children. Unfortunately for Jennifer Aniston, Saturn intensified this feeling within him.

Often called the “Father of Time,” Saturn’s positioning kept reminding Brad that he didn’t have forever. If he wanted children, he needed to do something about it sooner rather than later.

It was at this time that he met Angelina.

Both Angelina’s Ascendant and Venus are Cancer.

For those who don’t know, Cancer is a very maternal sign. And when they met, Angelina’s Venus aligned well with Brad’s own.

Simply put, they both wanted to have children.

You also have the fact that Saturn sat right on top of Jolie’s Venus when the couple met. This made her more ready for the commitment that Brad wanted. Angelina’s first Saturn Return, which occurred during this period, marked a transition into adulthood for her.

In Brad, she saw a man with whom she could have the children that her maternal instincts craved.

These two factors combined to create great compatibility between the two. It’s the reason why their chemistry was so intense when they first met.

It was compatibility astrology telling them that each offered something that the other wanted.

But that alone isn’t enough to keep a relationship strong. The movements of the planets create challenges that only the best relationships can overcome.

And it was two planets, in particular, that eventually showed the couple wasn’t as compatible as first thought.

Brad’s Uranus Transit

In astrology, compatibility can be a transient thing.

A couple that had strong chemistry early on may fall apart due to the movements of the planets. And of all of the planets, Uranus is often the biggest influence in relationship breakdowns.

It played a part in the collapse of Brangelina.

Uranus is a planet that signifies change. It also sparks a rebellious instinct that can make a person less devoted to the commitment they previously sought.

In the months leading up to the divorce, Uranus played a key role in Brad’s actions. It challenged both his Venus and his Moon. As a result, the rebellious aspects that Uranus brings to the table causes him to question his emotions and relationship.

There were several rumors of Brad cheating on Angelina at the time of the divorce. Perhaps it was the influence that Uranus wielded over him that caused this to happen.

However, it was Angelina who ultimately filed for the divorce. And in her case, Uranus presented its own challenges.

The planet challenged her own Venus, causing her to question the romance as much as Brad did. But in her case, she underwent several Uranus cycles during this period. This triggered within her an intense desire to make a change in her life. Couple with several cycles of Pluto, which is another planet that spurs change, and you have a dangerous combination.

Both found themselves challenged with tough questions about the future of their relationship. In the end, it seems that neither could resist the urge to make a change.


The Role That Saturn Played

Uranus and Pluto weren’t the only planets influencing Brad and Angelina’s thoughts during this period.

Saturn has links to endings and it hit the couple’s compatibility hard during the final months of their relationship. The planet was in Sagittarius during this time, which led to it opposing Angelina’s sun sign.

You could almost see Saturn as providing a quick push back into reality for the couple.

After several years, the glitz and glamour of a new Hollywood relationship wore off. That left just Brad and Angelina. Now parents, the two faced challenges to their relationship beyond the camera flashes and media attention.

With Saturn prompting an end, those challenges became even harder. Couple that with the rebelliousness which Uranus inspires and it seems like the couple had a very slim chance.

Could Compatibility Astrology Have Helped?

Compatibility astrology may not have been able to help the couple reconcile their differences.

But it certainly could have prepared them.

If Brad and Angelina had a compatibility chart drawn up, they would have seen the challenges lying ahead. Uranus and Saturn’s paths would have created key concerns for them both.

Perhaps they may have been able to use this information to get ready for a struggle.

What’s certainly true is that compatibility astrology saw the challenges coming. While it didn’t necessarily predict the breakup, it showed that all of the influencing factors were about to fall into place.

Maybe it could do the same for you.

The Tips

Perhaps you’re thinking about how compatibility astrology could help with your own relationship.

Here are a few tips that may be able to help you.

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Tip #1

Check Regularly

Don’t do it once and then forget about it. Relationships change over time and the movements of the planets have an influence on that.

Brad and Angelina are a perfect example.

They started off as extremely compatible. But the movements of the planets pulled them further apart over time. Make sure you check compatibility regularly so you can predict the challenges that lie ahead.

Tip #2

Some Challenges Are Temporary

A challenging result doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship should end.

In many cases, the planets and signs create temporary challenges to your compatibility that you can overcome.

Try to work it out if that’s the case for you.

Tip #3

Know What You Want

Know what you’re looking for before you enter the relationship. This is where your birth chart and the houses on it come into play.

For example, those looking for a fling should look to the fifth house for their sign. This contains the sign of the person who’s most suited for a short-term dalliance.

But that’s not the person whom you’ll have a lasting relationship with.

For that, you need to look at your seventh house.

Could Compatibility Astrology Help You

Perhaps you’re questioning your own relationship right now.

Compatibility astrology could reveal how the planets influence your thinking at this moment. Perhaps you have a temporary challenge to overcome. Or, the planets may tell you that it’s time to move on.

We wonder what would have become of Brangelina if they’d visited an astrologist.

What do you think? Did compatibility astrology really predict the breakdown of Brad and Angelina’s relationship? Could they have salvaged things? Let us know below.