PinWelcome travelers. Mars is now in Leo and will be until early September. We are empowered, emboldened with lots of energy. Maybe cleaning the garage might seem like fun! But with this energy comes twists and turns that will have to be dealt with, so your Leo energy will aid you in your situations that might seem relentless – left hooks, surprises, even shockers. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all involved this month. We’re facing a lot of pressure to learn, let go, change and look within for answers.

Courage, Power, And Unity – Now till August 26th

Saturn in Sagittarius is in the house of Spirituality. Saturn, Eris and Mercury are in a grand Fire trine – they have teamed up for the good of the world. It’s time to own who you are and be fearless and reveal your true self. We all camouflage who we are to fit in. Stop blending in, like, speak up when someone is behaving badly.

Fight racism, sexism, ageism and classism. We are a family, and the world has tried very hard to segment us. Divide and conquer is in full play. Have the courage to stand up to it. Unite and reclaim the world. Find our Unity not our differences. Find your connection to Spirit and live with your Higher Self hand in hand so you walk with God in your heart, love in your heart, peace in your heart, and a powerful sense of fairness.

Saturn has been retrograde for a few months, which always means clearing up the past. As it approaches direct motion, there is a flurry of activity between now and August 26th, as the past pushes into the present and makes us deal with unfinished matters. August has a lot to do with letting go of the past, and rebirth. it’s time to commit to change, good change. It cannot be avoided.

August 3 – Uranus Goes Retrograde

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, goes retrograde on the 3rd, which is a good thing. The energy we’re dealing with now doesn’t need anyone egging it on like Uranus can, so this quieter energy coming from Uranus is a relief. Routine behavior is favored and this will help us walk the straight and narrow, and ground us.

August 7 – Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius!

The big elephant in the room is the August 7th full Moon eclipse in Aquarius. Eclipses happen when they meet up with the Moon’s nodes, currently in Aquarius and Leo. Nodes are Karmic Debt. The South Node represents the mistakes, attitudes, poor choices we’ve made in the past, and follow us around until we make amends or change. The North Node is where we’re trying to get to – our growth or progress.

The full moon eclipse energy began around July 21st, and it will continue strongly to October’s end, and still has to travel to February where it meets up with another eclipse cycle. While the eclipse is on August 7 at 2:11PM, the energy can ignite into an event at anytime in this six month cycle. This energy is about releasing to make room for the new. Eclipses bring surprises. Maybe you’ve lived in your home for decades, and suddenly you have to move. Your long term job ends. A close friend is suddenly out of the picture. But it can also mean bad habits ended. Toxic relationships end. In this ending time, it can be scary.

Finding Support In the Stars

When we are afraid, we reach out to the Universe for support. Do you speak to your spiritual side routinely, or have you let that connection lapse? Thats the real you, your spiritual self. It must be honored in this world. It keeps you grateful, happier, grounded and loved. Take this loss time and make good use of it by looking within. How can you be a better you? How can you add more spirituality to your life? This loss is making way for the new in your life.

The eclipse on August 21st, the full Solar Eclipse, is about bringing in the new. So fear not. What leaves now is making way for something better. Have faith, use your Mars in Leo strength to stay strong. And take time to rest. This invisible energy is palpable and we feel like we’re in an emotional storm because everything is moving so fast and unexpectedly. And Neptune is still making us foggy and dreamy too, and we may be deceiving ourselves, or being deceived. And this is not the time for drugs and alcohol. It’s time to get strong, be self sufficient, and reliable. Many changes are on the way, and this is just the beginning.

August 12 – Mercury Goes Retrograde (Warning: Foggy Brain Time)

On August 12th Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, one of its rulers and one that pays great attention to details. Four times a year Mercury is retrograde, which means your brain, which works 24/7, slows down to take a rest. You brain is a little foggy, and mistakes you’ve made in the past come back to be fixed, and generally speaking you’re not thinking your best overall. Standing between the two eclipses, which are requiring or facing decisions, can make that decision making even harder. Take your time with decisions. consult friends and family. Don’t do anything hasty or poorly thought out. And if someone is pushing on you, just ask for time to think and walk away.

I am trying hard to make this upbeat, but the truth is it’s going to get hard. Mid month is going to bring out the anger in people, hyper competitiveness. You need your wits and your strength about you, as things seem to go into chaos and the crazy news keeps on coming. Just remind yourself that the Universe always clears out the old to make way for the new and lots of people don’t like change or are unwilling to relinquish power. The new does not come in and push out the old. There has to be a period of a void if you will, where you don’t quite know which way you can turn or are going and then just as suddenly as something left, something unexpected comes along and fills that void with something much better. Be ready for anything, stay close to friends and family, and watch the news with one eye open, cause the whole story might be hard to take! At least it won’t be close to being boring.

August 21 – Eclipse + Transformation

And finally the eclipse on the 21st is going to bring a wildfire of change, maybe not that day (eclipses are tricky that way), but the energy is building and something major is afoot. Just know that the revolution has started, and by 2020, when Pluto returns to the same place it was when the USA was born, we will see many changes have taken place and we are living in a new, and I believe, a better world. I’ll be back mid-month to talk about the big solar eclipse.

Please post comments and tell us all how you’re doing. Hang in there, Yvonne