The Big Picture:

The Sun and Mars both move into bold, dramatic, charismatic Leo this week, so the energies are full of razzmatazz and showbiz. However, a difficult square between Venus and Neptune brings confusion in both love and money matters, perhaps hidden behind a smiling façade. As the Sun squares Uranus, a major shakeup could be on the way for some signs. Try to work with change, instead of resisting it.

aries bigARIES

Indulge your inner child. What makes you smile and laugh; what brings you joy? Do more of that and much, much less of what makes you frown. No matter what your circumstances, you can make choices to bring more fun into your life.



Watch out for a dogmatic attitude. You’re very firm in your views, but try to listen to other opinions also. In the home, especially, someone else has something very valuable to say – ignoring their input would be very unwise.



You’re determined to have your say, and that’s a good thing. Think about how you phrase things, however, and use your communication skills and charm to soften the blow. Find ways of getting your point across without upset or drama.



Mars encourages you to get your financial situation under control. Take a longer term view, and be sure that you understand the legalities and small print of your situation. It’s a great time to look for a promotion at work.



The arrival of the Sun and Mars in your sign brings you a huge burst of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Don’t waste this opportunity to dream big and to set major plans in motion. Everything is now working in your favor!


virgo VIRGO

This week marks the beginning of a short rest period for you. Take every opportunity to catch up on your sleep, or to simply chill out with your family. It’s time to re-charge your batteries now, ahead of the action which is to come.



Your leadership skills are emerging during this vibe, and you’ll find yourself in charge at work whether you like it or not! Stay calm and do what you do best: bringing the best out in others, so that the team can work together cohesively.



This extremely ambitious week is the perfect time to look for a better job. You’re very aware of your own abilities, and you’re able to promote yourself confidently, without sounding arrogant. Go for it – and good luck!



Bored of the same old, same old? Mars gives you permission to ring the changes and to seek exciting new places, faces and experiences. Ditch your routines and make time for spontaneous ideas. Your best plan is to not have a plan!



Mars encourages you to work on yourself – breaking a bad habit, perhaps, or setting up new good habits. Figure out what needs to change in your life and how you can make that happen. There’s a very can-do vibe surrounding you.



Ooh, passionate! Mars in your love zone turns up the temperature and hot and spicy liaisons are sure to put a spring in your step. Be aware, however, that passion and anger are two sides of the same coin. Tempers may well flare.



During this exceptionally busy week, try to remember to breathe! You’re driven to perfectionism now, but that means that you’re making everything harder than it need be. Try to acknowledge when good enough will indeed be good enough.

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