The best thing about your Aquarius pal? That they’re so original, unique, and aspiringly individual… The worst thing about your Aquarius pal? That they’re so original, unique, and aspiringly individual… I mean, how the heck are you supposed to know what to buy them?!

Being born between January 21 – February 19, makes your friend a water-bearer (aka Aquarius!) And no, that doesn’t mean they’re a water sign… in fact, they’re a fixed air sign. This means they’re full of energy, intellect, curiosity, and dedication… But they’re also notoriously deep, imaginative, and uncompromising. A true gem of a friend!

And because they’re such a kickass friend, you obviously want to get them something they’ll love (and let’s be honest, you want them to love YOUR gift the most, right?) Pick one of these 10 unique gifts, and you’re sure to win the “best gift-giver ever” award. 

#1. Crystal Box Set

Every zodiac has a range of stones that are said to bring the best energy, fortune, and good vibes.  What could be a better gift than getting a box of crystals specific to their unique sign?

Aquarius gift guide - crystal box

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “I didn’t read the size of the stones so I assumed they were larger (my fault not sellers) but the stones were of such an amazing quality I didn’t even mind. Perfect description and labeling and I knew my order was coming today so I checked the amazon app and it showed exactly where my shipment was that it was only 5 stops away—overall amazing experience!”

#2. Friendship Bracelet

Aquarius’ are known to be the humanitarians of the zodiac! They love making a positive change in their communities, and they’ll love this daily reminder to “Be the Change”. Bonus points: it’s in morse code, so no one else will know what it says!

Gifts for Aquarius - friendship bracelet

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What Reviews Say: “The bracelet is great! It’s light enough that you don’t really notice it all day, but feels very durable. I wear it everyday”

#3. Notebook

EVERYONE always needs another notebook. And if I had a journal this pretty, I’d probably actually use it… Just sayin’.

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “I like that the pages inside are lined. Great price!”

#4. Spa Day in a Box

Who doesn’t want a mini-spa day delivered to them in a pretty little box, with handmade lotions and potions? Plus, Aquarius’ are independent A.F. so they’d rather have a DIY spa day anyway!

Spa box for Aquarius gift guide

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “Such a cute and unique gift! The packaging was on point and arrived ahead of schedule! My BFF LOVED it!!”

#5. TableTopics

Aquarius’ are very deep thinkers, and they love having meaningful conversations with family and friends. This game is a great way to get the ball rolling, conversations that steam from these questions are sure to be marked in the memory bank.

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “Game-changer. The “Original” is a must-purchase. I also have “Not your Mom’s Dinner Party” (so-so) and “Past, Present, Future” (pretty good) I’ve used them all at three parties so far. A success each time. It’s not a “game” where you have teams or you solely organize to play. You use these cards in a casual manner. You basically set them out while you’re grilling, drinking, and just hanging out. I also used these througout a 5-hour road trip. For each event, we probably went through a total of 5 cards, randomly throughout the night, and wow did the conversations go deep. It really became a meaningful visit and exchange with couples saying “I didn’t know that about you.” I was surprised how much I enjoyed it myself. Guests stated they had a really good time.”

#6. Diffuser

Our Aquarius friends love their alone time, and they also love diving into the depths of their minds, imagination, and emotions. For thousands of years, the properties of plants and their oils have been used to aid in these This ultrasonic diffuser doubles as a cool-mist humidifier! Relaxation AND wellness!

Aquarius gift guide - diffuser

Buy it here

What Reviwers Say: “I fell in love with the diffuser when I saw it online. Its beautiful, bohemian-style, bronze design drew me in. I am addicted to how pretty it is and can’t stop staring at it. Also, it is SO easy to set up. It literally took me like a minute or two and I was soon in heaven with Frankincense and Sandalwood. <3 You literally just plug in the adapter, take off the top, open the spout, fill with 90-100ml of water (it comes with a cute little measuring cup), add 2-3 drops of essential oil, put the tops back on, then press the two buttons at the bottom, one for setting the time for how long you’d like it to run, and the other for turning on the colors. I’ve been watching the vapor flow out for hours. My room smells mystic. So glad I bought this! The directions do say to make sure you clean it after each few uses and to make sure you don’t drip the oil in through the spout; just take the spout off and drip directly into the water.”

#7. Celestial Art Print

Aesthetically pleasing? Check. Zodiac constellation? Check. Birth month flowers? Check. What’s not to love?

Constellation & flower print - Aquarius gift

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “Absolutely gorgeous print! I love it. Really quick service too!”

#8. The Book of Everything

Aquarius love to travel, so having the world shut down for a year?… Hasn’t been very good for taming their travel bug. You know they already have their 5 vacations planned out, so give them this book to help them learn all the customs they’ll need to know for their next big adventure!

Gifts for Aquarius - travel book

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “Not sure what to say other than I need to buy one for myself. I purchased it as a gift and my friend loved it (she’s a traveler). An example of how cool it is: It has a US map with oddly named cities from each state and you can even look up directions to get there. Great gift, and resource, for any traveler or wannabe.”

#9. Fujifilm Instant Camera

And they obviously need a camera to capture all their amazing adventures! And okay, so this gift might be the least unique one on the list… it seems like everyone who is anyone has a Fujifilm these days. But hey, there must be a good reason for that!

Aquarius gift guide - instant film camera

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “What a fun camera. I have a cell that I can snap photos but sometimes i want something else. This is a fun little camera that i can use and works beautifully. It takes me back to the years before cells when all cameras were snap. The polaroid really improved the market when you could snap a pic and have it immediately. Love the small pics – great for scrapbooks and greeting cards! Ill make good use of mine.”

#10. Aquarius Mug

Repeat after me: One can NEVER have too many coffee mugs.

Aquarius coffee mug

Buy it here

What Reviewers Say: “It arrived exactly as I was hoping! Great product, impeccable packaging to ensure safe shipping! I was very impressed with how much care was taken to ensure it arrived safely and in one piece! Thanks so much!”


Now… what’s *the* BEST gift for an Aquarius? Comment below!

About Brittany Jordan

Brittany is a writer for Drawn to astrology, herb magic, and spirituality she loves connecting with people through well-crafted words and the occasional belly laugh. Bored by the traditional ''seriousness'' that spirituality is often associated with, she enjoys making divination fun through playful writing that keeps topics down-to-Earth, easy to digest, and most importantly... FUN to read.

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