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Signposts from the Holly and the Ivy this Christmas

Tune in and choose either chose the image of the holly or the Ivy. Then read the message that relates to this spiritual symbol.


The holly is evergreen and represents immortality; its strong upright nature shows the divine masculine strength of your true character. It calls on you to be upright in life and to stand tall as a leader in our own right. It is said that Mary would gift more red berries on the holly tree to feed her little birds in the depths of winter. Have a look around you. What abundance has Mother Nature gifted you at this time for you to feast on?

What is being provided for you right now

  • abundant friendships
  • conversations
  • time and rest
  • natures  feast for the senses at this time

Lean into these for though you are strong you weren’t destined to walk the journey alone. You are supported in all that you do and your time to reveal yourself in all of your glory is now. Those who need your strength will know they can depend on you so just gift others the present of your presence this Christmas.


The Ivy embodies the traits of the divine Mother, nurturing, caring, loving and protecting. The Ivy adapts and thrives supported by the environment it is placed in. It winds itself around that support.

This intertwining shows us that as we support we are supported. Are you aware of the support and the earth angels all around you in life?  When you give you must also receive. That is the divine plan for you.

Step back and don’t overextend yourself or be too hard on yourself. All you are asked to do is to be mindful and present and to shine bright so others can be warmed by your love, light and laughter you bring. May you lean in to find support in this season of goodwill on earth?

About Julianna Jay

Irish mystic Julianna Jay is a poetic word smith, soul reader, scribe and pure channel. Her words reveal divine guidance from a higher council of light beings through Source energy. Julianna channels from the archangel realms, the ascended masters, and saints, filling her writing with the unconditional love and energy of the divine. She has been interviewed many times in the U.S. and Europe on radio and television and her scribings are often featured in 11.11 Magazine, a U.S.-based publication with a global readership. Connect with Julianna via her website at HERE or on Facebook



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