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Welcome to your May 2019 Spirit Guide Reading! Please take a moment to connect with your intuition and ask yourself which message would serve you the most this month: Message #1, #2 or #3. Rather than using oracle cards, I’m going to be reading the energy of the month ahead for you! Feel free to fast forward to your chosen message.

  • Message #1 — 0:55
  • Message #2 — 4:30
  • Message #3 — 8:47

Message #1

Take a Break and Watch Your Creative Solutions Come Flying In

If you were drawn to Message #1, the message I’m getting is that you need a break. You need a rest. Whether that means taking time to meditate for 10 minutes or take a day off of work, I’m hearing that this crucial rest will allow a new flow of creative energy to move through you. It could also be that what you need to take a break from is worry.

If you find yourself constantly ruminating on a particular issue and how to solve it, it’s time to relax and let go for now. You can always pick the problem back up later when that surge of creative problem-solving hits. And if you give yourself the time you need, you WILL experience that creative solution sooner rather than later. The last part of May is about self-healing and freedom — feeling free from whatever has been burdening you. It’s about finding out that what you were worrying about, was really no big deal.

Message #2

Let Go and Be Free

If you were drawn to Message #2, the message I’m getting is that you’re going to be doing some releasing of what no longer serves you in relationships. You might also be letting go of anything that’s been putting stress on your physical body, such as taking on too much or trying to fix issues for others.

This letting go can be so incredibly freeing, especially as you take an inventory of the beliefs, agreements and expectations of others that you might be holding onto without realizing it. You’re taking stock right now and looking at everything in your space — and it may be happening under the surface without your conscious awareness — but it IS happening. There’s the potential to feel an incredible sense of freedom here.

Message #3

Enjoy the Journey

If you were drawn to Message #3, May might start off searching for clarity about how to resolve something, but you move right into the energy of new growth and movement!

At the beginning of the month when you’re still searching for clarity, give yourself the space and time to not have all the answers. You are moving into the very beginning stages of something new. Let yourself be in the energy of “beginning.” Allow things to be okay as they are. This leads to a new place of self-acceptance and ease that catapults you forward!

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