Archangel Metatron is most in beautiful Archangel. Metatron is known globally as the one who brings structure to the cosmos through his beautiful Metatronic cube, which is bringing forth the sacred geometry that brings balance in our lives.

It helps us to bring flow into our lives, and it balances that aspect of self, where there is room to flow and there’s room to make plans in our lives.

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel who minds the inner child within each and every one of us. Metatron is especially active around special needs children, where special needs children need somebody to protect and guard and guide that innocence.

It’s important for these children to have people in their lives who can seek out the magic of them, the loving aspect of them and the important empowering traits that they have. Metatron is just so important to actually help special needs parents and children to communicate their beautiful relationship of love.

So if you are struggling with a child that is special needs or not (because I believe we all have special needs, we’re all unique, we’re all different) or if you’re struggling to understand your child, if you’re struggling to make sense of the journey of your child, for the soul meaning of your child, you call in Archangel Metatron.

Love Can Reign

You can ask Archangel Metatron to come in and to show and bring clarity to you on how love can reign; how unconditional love can be brought into your relationship. I guarantee you great miracles of understanding of acceptance of surrender and release will occur. A wave of love can flow in.

Enoch The Scribe

Archangel Metatron was originally known as Enoch the Scribe, and it said that Archangel Metatron is the scribe for the divine; the scribe for God. I am scribe who brings down the messages from all of the angels, and I believe my scribed messages are supervised by Archangel Metatron, to ensure that the message has come from the divine and they’re brought into the hearts of people.

Scribing is bringing forth all of those messages of light, the vibrations and the frequencies, and presenting them in written format where these messages can really lift and empower people on their divine path.

If you’re a writer who is a channel and who is bringing forth those beautiful writings, and you are working on and scripting down some of the frequencies that you feel bless you in your work, call in Archangel Metatron to bring clarity to those words. Metatron will help you be able to decode their meaning and to bring them and share them out with the world.

Metatron Knows The Perils of Earth

Enoch walked the earth, so if you’re ever feeling like these angels couldn’t understand how hard it is on earth, Archangel Metatron is one of two angels who walked this earth. They were said to be brothers; there was Archangel Metatron, who was known as Enoch and then there was Archangel Sandalphon who was known as Elijah.

Both of them were beings of light who actually have walked on this earth so they have the understanding of where we’re coming from and how difficult it can be to be that spiritual being, having a human experience and marrying in our divinity and our humanity.

If that feels like the angel that you would like to call on now, to bring in that sense of healing for your inner child and to be bringing in that grace and that sense of wonder and all for your inner child, then do bring in and that beautiful sense of Metatron into your life.

The Metatronic Cube

Metatron is also the keeper of that Metotronic cube, so when you’re going in as a healer or as somebody who is going into a situation where compassion is needed, but you don’t want to get your energy body raided – maybe we’re doing treatments, maybe you are speaking at a big gathering – what I do is actually go into the Metatron cube.

I see myself in the Metatron cube and I see myself tightly allowed to be part of the Flower of Life, in oneness with the Flower of Life, but with that beautiful protection of the Metatronic cube all around me. When I’m in there, no fear can come to me. Archange Metatron paves the way for my dear heart and it will do the same for yours.

Just get a picture today of the Metatronic cube if you’re not familiar with it. Envisage that Metatronic cube around you and just know that that it is there as a protection anytime that you need something strong, something that you can really rely on and something that you can call forth that is illuminated with light and has your best interest at heart.

Past Life Struggles

Metatron is also an amazing being of light. If you feel like you are struggling with a past life that seems to be coming up and you don’t understand it. As a reader of the Akashic Records, I believe that mother Mary and Metatron hold those Akashic Records until the divine order and the divine time happens for you to ask for those to be read so that healing can be brought in from your past life into your present.

If you feel that there’s a past life that is playing havoc emotionally, maybe you feel like you’ve got an unworthiness that has come from a past life, maybe you feel that as a sense of lack that has been involved since your past life or maybe you feel like there is a relationship in your life that is a soulmate relationship that feels very familiar, I would suggest that you actually act on that and get your Akashic Records read. In that moment, Metatron and Archangel Michael will support the information that is pertinent for your soul’s evolution and bring clarity and direction to your path.

Those past lives are Akashic Records and they hold all of the information that has been scraped down about you and your soul purpose and your legacy of love that you bring this earth. If this feels like something that you were supposed to hear today, I would act on it because it’s like your soul will give you this information about what’s available to heal you when the time is right for you to actually act on.