Your Angels and Spirit Guides are with you all of the time.

They want nothing more than to guide, support you, and shower you with fortune and blessings.  You don’t need to attract their attention, but you do need to consciously connect with them, for their intervention in your life to be possible.

Creating an Angel altar is one of the most powerful ways to harness the light, loving energy of your angelic and spirit guides. Here’s why.

An Altar is a portal

Angels are beings of light.

They vibrate at a far higher frequency than life on this earth plane does. So when they enter into this dimension in order to work here for and with us, they require portals through which to enter. These portals are energy centers that are vibrating at a far higher frequency than other ordinary 3 dimensional spaces – they are closer to the natural, essential state of the Angels – and connect the realms together.

So when you create an angelic altar, you are creating one of these portals.

If you do it right (and we’ll go into this a little later on) you are actually shifting the energetic frequency of the place you choose to build it, and enabling your angels to enter into the earth plane.

A Place for Dedication

Having one place in your home or living space that is dedicated to the presence of your angels is essential if you are to build up a sacred connection with these energetic guides.  Even just a small devotional space – a window sill or a pile of books – that is separate from the demands of everyday life – will really amplify their presence in your life. This separateness is key.

Removing yourself from the mess, chores and responsibility that you ordinarily feel, is what will allow the space for you to receive the angelic support that is being abundantly offered to you.

Daily discipline

Just like going to school or work or a yoga class, having a special place to go to for a specific practice is instrumental in making that practice strong.  Having an altar encourages the discipline required (yep, this work does need a little discipline!) to turn your attention to your angels and guides once or twice a day, or even for just a moment, each time you walk past.

You are far more likely to remember to connect with your angels if you have the visual reminder of your altar, and very soon the lighting of a candle or the nod of a prayer becomes a heart-felt habit that will open the doorway to your angelic connection more permanently.

No doubt you’ll discover a great many more motivations and benefits when you build and begin to use your own angelic altar.  So let’s find out how…

How to Build your Angelic Altar

First, decide where you’ll place your altar

You could use something fixed – a shelf, windowsill or table.  Or you could adopt a chair, a small upturned wooden box or even a large flat stone. If space is limited, be creative but do try to ensure your altar is somewhere quiet, where it will be undisturbed.

Next, select some objects to place on your altar

You may like to start with some beautiful, soft fabric and then choose objects which look and feel beautiful, as though they themselves radiate a light and loving frequency.

Often with an angel altar, these will be made from natural materials and light in color.  Be sure to use your own discernment about which objects belong here, but the essentials for an angel altar a white candle and one or more white flowers (rooted, or in a vase).

Some inspiration:

  • White and clear crystals such as quartz and selenite
  • White Stones and pebbles
  • Candles (white and colored)
  • Incense burner
  • Feathers
  • Driftwood
  • Bones
  • Seasonal, natural objects (leaves, pinecones, fresh fruit …)
  • Flowers, plants
  • Figurines, statuettes, carvings
  • Jewelry
  • Photographs, artworks, embroidery, wall-hangings
  • Poetry, power-words or patterns (yantras)

Once you have chosen your objects, place them onto your altar intuitively

Do you prefer symmetry?

Do you like pattern and geometry?

Does it feel better to have little clusters or to space each object evenly apart in grids?

Try a few different arrangements.  If you are familiar with crystal grids, you may like to incorporate one or more, but try not be limited by this.

**If you’re experienced and used to working with your angelic guides, then there may be specific things you know you need to place on your altar. (For example, swords are often associated with Archangel Michael, and Raphael responds to the healing shades of green).

Now sense the overall flow of energy, and the beauty between objects and finalize your arrangement

Your altar is now ready to be used!

The way that you use it will vary according to what you need, but a great way to begin is to simply light the candle and offer up a simple prayer, something like this:

“I offer a moment of my presence, attention and love to the angels who surround me.

I invite you into my home and into my life and ask for your blessings and gifts of healing and abundance wherever I go.  I also ask that these blessings reach out and touch all those in my life, who I am connected to.

Thank you!”

Leave the candle burning for as long as you are present, and tend to the altar regularly (weekly, at least) keeping it clean and tidy, especially refreshing the flowers and plants.  You could incorporate your altar into any ritual work you do, or simply use it as a sacred spot to honor your ever-attentive angels.

Please comment below and let us know how you get on with creating your own altar (and how your life starts to shift once it’s built!)

Blessings to you,