Welcome to your February Spirit Guide Reading!

Go ahead and connect with yourself, connect with your intuition, and ask yourself which message would be perfect for you for the month of February — #1, #2, or #3.

You can fast forward to your particular message.

  • Message #1 — :44
  • Message #2 — 4:37
  • Message #3 — 7:34

Message #1

Fogged InPin

If you were drawn to Message #1, the card that comes up is Fogged In. Right now, you may not have clarity about a specific issue. You may also feel as if you’re at a standstill and not moving forward. Do not worry! This is just temporary. The presence of “fog” or confusion in your life is there for a purpose. Sometimes you need a break. You need some downtime. Enjoy the present as much as you can, and let the confusion or lack of clarity be okay. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be, and one day very soon, the fog will life and you’ll know what to do. This is the time right before the seedling sprouts. It seems like nothing is happening, and then… the first sight of green.


Message #2


If you were drawn to Message #2, the card that comes up is Miracles. This feels like something unexpected. Something you thought would never happen, is possible. A relationship gets mended. A wound heals. Be open to the unexpected this month. Don’t let your past experience influence what’s possible for you in the future. Prepare for unexpected joy!


Message #3

Gates of Triumph


If you were drawn to Message #3, the card that comes up is Gates of Triumph. Your horizons are expanding. You may have been seeing only a tiny ribbon of creation, and now your sight is widening. New people are coming into your life. New experiences are beckoning you. This could be in your career, but it also feels like personal and spiritual growth. Your vision is getting bigger. Step boldly into the unknown. It’s warm and fuzzy there, and waiting to embrace you.