Creativity manifests in a plethora of varying forms. Typically, you may think of creativity in terms of a pursuit of The Arts, whereby one physically creates, by painting, sculpting, acting or any other activity that results in a final product which combines imagination and skills in physical form. But that’s not the only example of creativity.

When we think of creativity outside of the idea of physical craftsmanship, we can see that striving to be more creative is perhaps something that we all ought to consider. Realistically, we can all be creative in our own ways. A parent of four children who all have different extra-curricular activities may need to be creative about logistics, for example.

In essence, thinking outside the box, innovating and trying to look at problems from all angles is the general advice for how you can become more creative. But what about you personally? How can you understand your unique creativity block and figure out how you can overcome it? That’s where this Angel Message Reading Can Help

How Can You Be More Creative?

We’ll be looking into how you’re currently using your creativity. Today, the Angels want to share with you about your creative genius… and maybe they’ll tell you what you need to create in your life right now!

Which Creativity Message Is Right For You?

Place your hands over your heart, like angel wings, and then invite your Angels to guide you to message #1, #2 or #3. Then, see your personalized message below.

Creativity Message #1


angel card sensitivityPinThe card says, “Your  sensitive feelings are your muse and inspiration for your creativity.”

Whenever I see this card, I always think of the heart, because there are two chambers of the heart, which is reflected in the two halves of the card. It also almost looks like a baby that’s waiting to be born in the corner. With this said, it’s as though there is a sense, that when it comes to creativity, it’s very much connected to your heart and something waiting to be born. Something is waiting to emerge, you’ve already planted the seed, you’ve already planned to that vibration.

There’s a vibration that the number 4 is very important in this message. Is that the last 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years or maybe even since you were 4 years old? So think about that when you’re thinking about your particular creative path; is there something that you can pinpoint that you’ve been imagining for that amount of time? If so, get started! Stop imagining, start innovating, creating, designing!

The heart vibration of this card tells me that you’re very sensitive and very loving, and through that, you can connect to your creative genius! Your creativity doesn’t necessarily come in the form of you having paper or canvas in front of you. Your creativity can manifest in you being a creative help to another. You can give people ideas and help with brainstorming.

Have you been hiding? I feel you’re sensitive about your creativity and a project that your heart wants to pursue. If you’re thinking maybe it’s not the right time or you’re not good enough, it IS time to take the next step forward towards your creative goals.

Archangel Gabriel is right here with you. Call on Gabriel to help you bring a creative energy by wearing orange and gold.

Creative message #2


angel card - vulnerabilityPinThe card says, “Listen to your vulnerable feelings, as they contain wisdom and inspiration, and then pray for strength to focus on your priorities no matter what.”

When I look at this card, I see this person holding hands over their heart just like Angel Wings and I feel that she may have been through some change or challenges. Does that resonate with you?

The woman’s pose like this shows me she’s inviting the Angels and come and help her, and this is the message for you here. Your Angels are saying, “We are right here with you!” You may have had some knocks in your emotional, spiritual or physical life, but rest assured that your Angels are always with you, and right now, their presence is coming from a place of love.

You need to realize that the angelic realm is within you and as soon as you place your hands on your heart, you are calling your personal Angels to help you. So even though you may feel vulnerable, that action is going to support you and protect your heart.

In terms of creativity, you may feel very bombarded about the negativity that around you. Maybe you feel afraid to share your creativity for fear that negativity will be directed towards it?

The vibration of your creativity is an energy of writing. It could be that you’re writing about your vulnerability or you’re writing about whatever it is that you need to let go. So write it out and remember to put your hands over your heart to protect yourself and call in your Angels to support you.

Creativity Message #3


angel card editorPinThis card says, “Your writing or other creative projects benefits from outside help and support.”

So, the message here is that your Editor is outside help from your Angels.

When I look at this I feel Archangel Metatron, even though these are Archangel Gabriel cards. There is a sense of transformation and change. Have you been working on something very hard, trying to get it right, focusing on creating something in your life? Well, the Angels are saying that you need to let go of that and allow them to come in to take the burdens of your project and give it flight.

There is a very strong vibration of letting go and a sense that the Angels want to organize things for you and help you in figuring things out. You can call on Archangel Metatron to help you get your project ready for completion. Give whatever you been focusing on to the Angels to help you to transform and move you to the next step.

The final thing with this card is the color yellow. Yellow is the color of letting go and cleansing, but it’s also color of joy and that joy is coming from Archangel Jophiel. Call on Jophiel to support you as you embrace joy and love and moving forward with creative pursuits.