The heart chakra is the fourth chakra. It’s located in very center of your chest and is the root of all things love, compassion and warmth. It’s the foundation of all of our relationships and helps us form bonds with others. Perhaps most importantly though, the heart chakra is the gateway to contentedness through self-love and self-acceptance.

When your heart chakra is open and balanced, you’ll feel compassionate, emotionally calm, and fully open to give and receive love. But for many of us, our heart chakras are often out of balance. An overactive heart chakra plagues the individual with overwhelming emotions of sadness, jealousy or anger. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a feeling of being unloved, distant and cold can be feelings which result from an underactive fourth chakra.

In either case, a plethora of physical and mental health implications can ensue including skin, back and sleep issues. So, it’s clear to see why we should all prioritize taking care of the chakra that not only affects the love in our life, but also our emotional, mental and physical well being too.

Angel Messages To Help Balance Your Heart Chakra

What I’d like you to do is focus on the energy of your heart. What is within your hearts? What does your heart want to tell you? Are you open to love? Are you open to receive love? Are you open to loving yourself? Is there something that is standing in the way of the vibration of love coming into your life?

Now it’s time to invite your angels to guide you to message 1, 2 or 3.

Angel Message 1 – 2:20balancing heart chakra with archangel metatronPin

Archangel Metatron

This is the biggest of the angels…you can see how big he is, his vibration so large. What is one of the most prevelent themes in this care is Metatron holding you in his hands, looking in to your soul.

He’s saying, “I can see you. Are you happy with me seeing you? Are you shying away from me seeing you?”

He’s looking right into your heart and he can see your shadow. And he can help you see your shadow too, and go into the darkness so you can let go of hurt and pain. He’s guiding you to be able to forgive whoever or whatever hurt you. He’s bringing you back into the light by helping you go into the darkness.

Call on archangel Metatron to be able to support you with the forgiveness that you need to give in your life.



Angel Message 2 – 5:10

Judgementbalancing heart chakra with judgementPin

There’s a lot of balance within this card…male and female, child and angelic figure. In auro-soma this is called Star Child so the pink is the little girl and the blue is the little boy and the two come together as a dark violet which signifies transformation and change. You have to recognize that child within you and you have to connect with the love of that inner child.

So I feel that part of this is urging the awakening of the child within, reconnecting with inner child in order for you to move forward to open your heart to receive love and love yourself.

This is the most beautiful vibration as the card features a lotus flower which is a symbol of all chakra… as the petals open up, you open yourself up to receive more light, more energy, enlightenment. So, this pink lotus flower is symbolizing the heart, the core of your heart. This is saying that you can let go of judgement and criticism preventing you from seeing how amazing you are. The most gorgeous soul is right there in your heart.

The angels are with you. you are being supported and coming into balance. Look around you at what is reflecting your beliefs about yourself, notice people that are coming into life as there are many messages from the angelic realm…notice that!



Angel Message 2 – 7:55

Archangel Cassielbalancing heart chakra with archangel cassielPin

This is a beautiful energy with lots of different vibrations. There’s a strong ancient energy…a strong vibration of moving through death and back into life. Letting go of the old and coming into the new. The symbol for Saturn is a karmic vibration.

I feel that there’s so much life and growth coming from this card. With the lillies, I feel the tube is opening up to the light…and that’s what you’re doing. There’s an aspect of you that is willing to be open and connect with your guides and angels. You’re willing to be in the vibration of your next step but something just needs to be transformed for you to come into this space. There is a natural progression of endings and new beginnings.

Right at the top is the Dove of Peace, coming from the third eye. It’s saying you need a vision of peace to create a new beginning.

The card has a lot going on. There’s a sense that there’s a lot going on in your heart chakra…lots of energy, lots of wisdom but also lots of things in the way of you manifesting something new. If you want something new you must be willing to declutter and make space in your heart.