Trying To Escape Personal Demons

Ever wonder why you seem to always date the same guy (or girl)? Why recurring issues come up, no matter what job you have at the moment? Or how about the repetitive, unresolved conversations you have with your friends 100 times over?

I’ll be blunt, and I apologize in advance because some of you are not going like what comes next…

In all of these situations, YOU are the common denominator.

Your Personal Demons Are Taking Control!

No new boyfriend or job or friend group is going to stop this process, so let’s stop running and finally work on what we really don’t want to face.

If you’re serious about upgrading the quality of one of these areas or all, it’s time to try a new approach.

We end up in repetitive patterns that no longer serve us when we are ignoring the truth of who we really are.

As Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein was a pretty smart guy, so let’s try a different approach.

If you don’t confront the old memories and traumas (your shadows) that plague you, you’ll stay in the same cycle of disempowering patterns that are stuck on repeat. Even if you date a new person, or take that new job that you think will be different, in the end the pattern repeats itself. And I have a sneaky feeling that because you’ve read this far, you are hungry for change.

What are your shadows, Your Personal Demons?

These are aspects of yourself that you have taken on subconsciously or consciously as your own. They consist of illusions that come from programming that are societal, governmental, parental, cultural, religious, ancestral and many more. Personal demons can take a variety of different forms.

Confronting your shadows is often unpleasant in the beginning because they’re the pieces we hang onto so tight that are blinding and have kept us STUCK in the warm hug of the comfort zone, avoiding change internally.

For almost all of us (myself included!) the thought of change can be terrifying as you’re truly stepping into unknown territory. In addition, for some, it could mean something very chaotic – which is the exact thing our brain wants us to avoid.

For example; if a child was raised with parents who suddenly divorced, resulting in the child being forced to move out of their nest into a new home with one parent, change schools, their environment, and every few years always moving, change could represent a lack of safety for them. This early childhood trauma could make a person not want to change internally because they’ve already witnessed a story that it isn’t safe.

Take a few moments and ask yourself, what does change mean for you?

How do you feel about change? Try to sit with this and really tap into the emotion.

Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel like running? If so, who or what are you running from?

Understanding your relationship to change is imperative because if you’re uncomfortable with it, then you’ve been holding onto the security blanket of illusion that’s kept you in avoidance of facing your shadows for far too long.

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not if you don’t confront your shadows and personal demons, they will confront you.

The veils of illusion are getting thinner so it’s important to check in with what’s no longer serving anymore in the areas of your life that are not working for you anymore.

confronting personal demons

How to Face Your Shadows

Doing your shadow work means discovering your hidden patterns that’ve been locked in your subconscious. How exciting would that be! It may rattle your business or the direction you thought you were going because you were operating under an outdated paradigm that was never yours. Now it’s time to write your own story.

They are many ways of exploring your shadow, the best is to do some deep meditation around it, some good research and ultimately choose what resonates with you. It could be the Akashic Records, Reiki, yoga, dance, writing, music, sports, etc. Trust your inner guidance and you’ll know what is the best tool to support you in your own sacred way. Being immersed in the activity that works for you will help your soul shine and help you forge a new path.

Your personal demons are gifts that keep you on your Soul’s path

The exciting thing is the more you align to your truth, the more love will resonate collectively throughout the planet.

True personal alignment has the ability to remove fear-based imprinting, and subliminal programming, allowing you to regain your personal power, and express your human spirit.

Embrace The Universal Truth

You’re here to build back your autonomy so that you create alignment to your soul’s purpose and share your unique gift to humanity. When you show up displaying your full expression, you give others permission to do the same. All that’s left to do is decide. Give yourself permission to allow your expression and uniqueness to shine and you will begin to attract the relationships, jobs and desires you’ve been after this whole time.

About Baljit Rayat

Baljit Rayat is an Akashic Records Consultant and the founder of Lotus Destiny™. Committed to raising the vibration of humanity, Baljit has worked with thousands of women and men worldwide to uplevel their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are to the core, creating profound results in their businesses and relationships. She believes everything is this world is energy and getting to the root of desire causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life. To access your personal Akashic Record and align to your Soul Blueprint visit, and download your 60 min audio visual meditation journey here.

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