The 44 Messengers of the Akashic Realm are here to support humanity in the transition into 5th dimension consciousness. The Records held by the dimension of the Akashic Realm goes beyond what anyone can access by visiting their or another’s personal Akashic Records. 

The Messengers Bringing The Forecast For The Week Are:

Messenger #26. Liana – The Guardian Of Water

Liana is the beautiful guardian who manages the flow of water and the source of life through parallel universes. Her magical touch contains strength and agility to bring flow to people’s lives.

Message: Life is meant to flow. If you are experiencing struggle or difficulty it is time to call on Liana.

Releasing resistance to what is and your attachment to what you want will invite flow back into your life.

Messenger #12. Miton – Teacher Of Evolved Forms Of Learning

Miton supports new forms of learning such as through feelings, emotions and intuition. The vibration of the 5th Dimension is lighter and more expansive which calls for new ways to access and process information.

Message: You or someone close to you has heightened energetic sensitivity. Explore how to take the time needed to unwind from the excitement of one activity before moving to another. Your creativity is begging to go exploring.

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