The Sacred Crystal Code Grids hold the codes, power, vibration, and messages of each crystal as it comes together with the Sacred Geometry grid allowing you to receive the ancient messages and codes of each crystal to awaken your truth and receive the downloads available to your soul path.

The Sacred Crystal Codes Forecast For The Week: 

Crystal Code #33. Integration

This oracle invites you to apply new truths to your life. Where are you holding yourself from truly learning from your experiences? This grid will bring you awareness of the power of being responsible from your own action.

The Crystal Grid

Each lemurian point triangle is connected by a group of crystals: blue lace agate,

citrine, hematite and aventurine. They each bring their unique properties in the areas of finances (citrine), relationships (hematite), communication (blue lace agate) and healing (aventurine).

Crystal Code #12 – Expansion

This oracle brings you the energy of expansion. Growth is imminent, however this oracle brings a warning as many times as we are passing through big expansion transitions, your ego may attract some not so pleasant situations.

So trust that this energy is necessary to shake things up and after the storm, you will get the blue skies of expansion. Stay on your path, trust, forgive, let go and be open to the expansion, grow with it, see the beauty in it.

Be open to receive much more than your mind thinks you can receive. This grid can support you to be in alignment and gratitude with the present situation – remember what you focus on expands…in the days to come be extra attentive to your thoughts and feelings as to what you want to feel and think so your expansion can be supported.The Crystal Grid

The grid is composed of opal, blue sunstone, sodalite, blue agate and sugilite. Together they help you be attentive to the communication between your thoughts and feelings towards you, others and especially the universe. As the energy expands more and more you will achieve clarity – represented by the clear quartz crystals on this grid.

Crystal Code #6 – Acceptance

This oracle comes into your life to invite you to celebrate all that you are. Celebrate life and all colors that surround you. Open yourself to feel and be the joy you are searching for.

Are there any situations or people in your environment that you are resisting? What you resist persists. Celebrate the differences and even what annoys you in others, as the main reason someone may trigger you is just that they are putting a mirror in front of you to bring to your attention something you are judging about yourself. 

Once you accept and choose to see the beauty of the situation, you move through life with much more lightness and joy.

The Crystal Grid

In the center is a rose quartz in an egg form, representing the barriers you must break regarding your illusion of separation between you, people and environments.

The spiral going in 3 different directions invites you to clear the need to judge others’ paths, decisions and choices, and the fear your own path, decisions and choices will be judged.

Choice is represented here by the huge variety of crystals; showing you how people from all walks of life can add beautiful color to your life. As well as, there are no wrong decisions, choices or paths, only experiences.

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