I’m very excited to announce a new series featuring the Sacred Crystal Codes. Where we will explore the energy dynamics for the month.

We begin at the end of each month intuitively pulling a card from Sacred Crystal Codes Book and Oracle Deck for the coming month and discuss the Numerology of the Card. Then each week of the month we will look at the energy of the grid and the crystals and go deep into the message of the Code. The next to last week of each month you will receive a healing based on the energy brought by the Codes.

I told you I was excited!!

Today’s Clearing: Guilt

Today, we have a great card to clear the way forward. The card is the Guilt Card. The card’s number is 16/7.Pin

The sensitive intuitive nature of 7 makes it susceptible to the feelings of guilt. As a child, your sensitivity was often misunderstood and even shamed. This wound carries forward in your cellular memory.

Opening to the left the number 7 likes to look to the past to gather wisdom and understanding to use in the present, but be mindful to not use the past to beat yourself up or become bitter with life.

The energy of 7 gives the ability and desire to learn from many sources and to intuitively channel which makes you magnetic and interesting personality. Open up to allowing yourself to be fully you.

Identifying and clearing old patterns of guilt and shame will help you avoid becoming cynical about life.

Next week we will explore the energy of the Sacred Crystal Code and the Grid.