The Sacred Crystal Codes is a powerful oracle that holds the codes, power, vibration, and messages of each crystal as it comes together with the Sacred Geometry grid to allow you to receive the ancient messages and codes and downloads that awaken your wisdom and your power to remember who you truly are.

Each of the 33 beautiful Sacred Geometry grids create a mandala that contains a code that is received through the intelligence of your body. The code is transmitted to you through the message in the image as you contemplate them.

This is a co-creative process between the Sacred Geometry grids, the crystals, my healing guides and your Soul. The Sacred Geometry formations awaken your intuition and the encoded messages create a bridge between spiritual and physical expansion.


1. Focus on what is happening in your life right now so you can receive Sacred Crystal Code wisdom regarding this.

2. Then, using your intuition select either Number 1, 2 or 3, to receive a powerful wisdom transmission and vibration from the Sacred Crystal Codes for the week ahead.

3. Now, watch the video, listen to all messages from the Sacred Crystal Code grids even though the one you chose has a special message for you, you will notice that the 3 Codes together hold the energy for the week for you.

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Read on to receive your powerful Sacred Crystal Code reading for this week…

The Sacred Crystal Code Grids hold the codes, power, vibration, and messages of each crystal as it comes together with the Sacred Geometry grid allowing you to receive the ancient messages and codes of each crystal to awaken your truth and receive the downloads available to your soul path.

The Sacred Crystal Codes Forecast For The Week: 

Crystal Code #11- Solution

This oracle brings the message that the solution to your situation is already around you. Trust that no matter what you’re looking for, no matter what solution you seek, the answer is already available to you.

Maybe you are in doubt about doing something. Maybe you are in a situation where you need to make a decision quickly. Or maybe you’re feeling like you’re stuck somewhere and there is no way out. This card is here to tell you that the solution you’re looking for is already around you. Everything that you can possibly wish is already within your reach.

Sometimes we need to shift our vibration to see it, but the truth is that the solution is always around you. The money is around you. The relationship is around you. The ideas and inspiration are around you.

I’ve been working with energy for so many years and I’ve seen these kinds of beautiful shifts with my students–when they started working with me in the Akashic Records, when they opened themselves up to receive, the solution is there! That is what this card is all about.

The Crystal Grid

The crystal sunstone helps clear the illusion that you have accustomed your eyes to see. The grid works on clearing all old patterns and feelings to open the vision to see a new solution.

The “solution” is represented by the sodalite That is ready to be seen and its fruits to grow and expand, now that you are ready for it.

Crystal Code #13 – Communication

This oracle comes into your life to remind you of the importance of communicating your truth. The truth of your voice will set you free, people that love and honor you will respond to this energy.

Your truth also brings your body and your soul into deeper contact with each other. Trust your body, trust your feelings, you don’t need to stay in any situation that does not make you feel good.

Allow your soul to show your power, show your voice. There is a lot of order and power behind the energy of this grid. And its all available to you now. When you stand for yourself and let your true voice be heard. This may be scary to begin with, people’s reactions may backlash, and some may even leave your life. But when there is pure love and respect, people that are meant to be with you and walk alongside you will honor you as you speak your truth and will accept you, and those relationships will grow.

The Crystal Grid

In the center of the grid is chrysocolla, a stone of communication. It supports self-expression, empowerment and teaching. This crystal discharges negative energies, calms and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and to be heard.

Supporting crystals are: Lemurian points, hematite, aventurine

Crystal Code #18 – Timeless Wisdom

This oracle reminds you of your timeless wisdom. It is all available within you, you just need to unlock it. Stop looking outside, look within.

Time to listen to your own truth so you no longer need to use others’ opinions as a crutch. YOU can access Your wisdom, someone from outside can help you, but it is important to understand the advice will come through their own perception, fears and beliefs. This oracle empowers you to connect to your own truth and make your own decisions.

Everything you want to do in life your soul already sees it through to completion, but your mind will create roadblocks — this card invites you to develop the skills to remember your wisdom acquired lifetime through lifetime, as it is time to unleash it and let it guide your path.

This oracles also reminds you to choose to see the wisdom of your Soul as it called forth the situation you find yourself encountering in life right now.

Surrender to the present situation and you will discover the wisdom behind what is to be learned in the present situation.

The Crystal Grid

The center stone, labradorite, activates within you the power of transformation and magic.

The supporting crystals: amethyst, Lemurian points, opal, fluorite and tectite.

About Patricia Missakian

Patricia Missakian, international speaker, author and Akashic Records Mentor founded of the Akashic Records Institute, a school for spiritual development, where students learn how to develop their intuition and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of students discover their soul purpose and transform their own lives and the lives of their clients through the Akashic Records. She created the Sacred Crystal Codes™ Book and Oracle Deck and the Akashic Realm Messengers™ Oracle Deck. Discover more about Patricia and receive exclusive gifts for Numerology readers here. HERE

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