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With more than 100 pages of personalized insight all about YOU, there simply is no tool available today that is more accurate in interpreting your true nature, exposing undetected talents, and predicting future circumstances than our flagship Premium Numerology Report.

This comprehensive and highly revealing reading includes 44 custom calculations based on your name and date of birth as well as shockingly accurate forecasts for every day, starting today, for the next 9 years! There’s no better time than now to finally decode your Numerological destiny. Click the button below to get your very own Premium Numerology Report.

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Customized Personality Profile

If you want powerful insight into your true character, quirky personality traits, and the unique ways in which you relate to others, including potential mates, don’t miss this opportunity to get your Customized Personality Profile. This one-of-a-kind report is designed to give you the WHOLE picture of who you truly are.

It will show you, maybe for the very first time, how all the diverse parts of your personality have come together to create the person you are today. Best of all, it will illuminate the path you must follow in order to realize your full potential and build powerful allies in life.

Click the button below to learn more about your Customized Personality Profile and get a FREE Introductory Analysis based on your name and date of birth. It’s time to meet the true, blue you.

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Life & Success Snapshot

If you’re looking to pay off your debt, get a surprise raise at work, or start a new business, this is your ticket! Our Life & Success Snapshot explores not only your core numbers, but hidden patterns and repeating sequences in your Numerology Chart to give you an in-depth and synthesized Success Profile like nothing you’ve seen before.

It will predict lucrative opportunities in your near future, reveal your deepest motivators, and expose the innate gifts you were born with.

Click the button below to learn more about your Life & Success Snapshot and get a FREE Success Analysis that will help you immediately maximize your potential for unlimited wealth and abundance. You can’t afford to miss this.

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Complete One-Year Forecast

How would you like to know with startling accuracy what’s in store for you over the next 12 months? Change is inevitable. But predicting when change will occur is invaluable. And that’s why I’m inviting you to get your hands on what could be the most powerful prediction tool on the planet. Not only will it reveal the striking opportunities and looming challenges that you can expect to show up over the coming year, but you’ll get month-by-month predictions so you know exactly WHEN they will occur.

Click the button below to learn more about your Complete One-Year Forecast and get a FREE Personalized Reading that will reveal your karmic lessons from the year past and eerily accurate and intimate predictions about what lies ahead for you.

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The Phone Phenomenon Report!

This reports shows you how to decode and analyze your cell phone number or the phone number of anyone you meet, consider doing business with, having a relationship with, or friends of other friends. The possibilities are limitless, and not just their cell phone but any phone number that they use to exchange energy with others in the world. Every and any phone number including your home, cell, work, and even work numbers with extensions can be decoded. Knowing that all numbers are a recording of a vibration in the planet and beyond, what does your phone number say about you?

The Phone Phenomenon Report will be one purchase you make today that you will use over and over again. It will open doors and get you phone numbers from people you thought would never share their number with anyone ever, and prevent you from making a connection with someone that you might not want to.

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The Lo Shu Personality Exposer

The Lo Shu Personality Exposer is a pretty powerful tool. You will learn within 10 seconds how to expose the personality traits of anyone you come into contact with including how they communicate with others, their level of confidence, how sensitive, perceptive and intuitive they are, the secrets to their memory, intellect, and creativity, and much, much more.
It’s actually over 20 pages and I haven’t even started to tell you about the arrows, the zeros, or any of the advanced stuff.

This is just the surface of this bonus. And when you pull out that pen and a napkin just watch as a circle starts to form around you and everyone says “Do me next.”

Fair warning, if you’re married or in a serious relationship this one may create a little jealousy because once you start drawing boxes everyone flocks around you like the Pied Piper. It’s really very cool, but you have to be respectful always please.

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The Rabbits Foot, Cricket, Horseshoe, 4 Leaf Clover, Pot of Gold, Good Luck Multiplier System!

We had to include all of those, it’s just that powerful. Many people think that luck comes from carrying around an object that carries luck with it, and I’m not suggesting that this isn’t true. In fact, in the breakthrough book Power vs. Force Dr. David Hawkins proved that to me. The vibration of things can indeed effect the energy you attract to yourself, or what some refer to as luck. Like everything else luck is a vibration and we know that vibrations are effected by numbers and vice versa.

This report will look at your important core numbers and reveal how to attract luck into your life. This is just one snippet of this report you’re going to get immediate access to today with your purchase. Obviously, any five personal day is a good day for these types of activities, but there are other days as well. Any personal day that has the same number as any of your core four numbers is also considered to be a lucky day. This report covers love and lucky numbers, how to create your lucky number, how to calculate your personal day, month, year, and more.

Have you ever had a bad birthday? Some people will actually have a happier birthday celebration if they celebrate it on a different day because their birthday on any given year may not be a lucky day for them. Why not move the party from Tuesday to Saturday and have a happier birthday celebration? Is the number 7 a lucky number? Or is 13 really an unlucky number? Almost everyone gets these wrongs. There’s a lot more, but we have a ton of bonuses to cover so let’s move on to the next one. The last thing I’ll say about that as a special feature we include which celebrities you share your lucky numbers with and what you have in common with them.

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Mastering The Matrix

How to use your personal omega matrix in a simple four step system to turn your dreams into a reality. The omega matrix is a way for you to put the formula into motion by creating your omega matrix you are taking your first step toward stating your intention. You intention may be to increase your income, improve your health, or energize your relationships. Regardless of what your intention may be it is helpful to write it down before you begin the omega matrix. Now if you’ve done any studying of manifestation then you know that intention is everything.

We wish we could tell you just how fast changes will show up in your life, but we don’t know how strong your belief is yet so we can’t. What we can tell you is that once a mind has been made up an idea is the only thing in the universe that cannot be stopped. The greatest power you will ever experience is that knowing what your intention is and then having a plan to allow the universe to bring it to you. Oh, there’s one more thing, if you desire and dream more money wrap the folded up, printed out paper in the largest dollar note you can. If it’s a $20 bill great, if you can do $100 do that, but then put it in your purse or wallet and do not spend that note until your goal has been achieved. That’s one of our personal favorites.

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The Wardrobe Secret that Transforms Bad Days Into Great Days

The color yellow is known to calm and soothe and is used in hospitals worldwide. The color green makes people feel balanced and natural, but did you know you can turn a bad day into a great day by simply adding a single color to your wardrobe? A red tie is known as a power tie, but did you know that the color red is tied to the daily power number of 1?

Here’s a sample of this report: 1 represents the male principle yang. It is the pioneer striking out alone seeking the experiences that establish distinct identity. It is raw energy, positive, original, and creative in the state of perpetual motion. Since 1 is alone and is imbued with so much creative energy, it must decide how its energy will be used. It must take command and have the courage to maintain direction without fear of opposition. Think about it, you don’t have to dress completely in red on a day that has a power number of 1, but if you were going to wear something red why not have it be on a power day that just happens to be the right number? Obviously, you wouldn’t want to wear the color red on a day that carries a gold color vibration for you or every day for that matter but you get the point. Choose the color that matches your power daily number and watch how people change the way they interact with you. Remember psychologists worldwide agree that color affects mood. What if you followed this simple direction and wore the right color on the right day to attract the energy that matches your vibration for the day?

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How to Read Anyone’s Palm in 60 Seconds No Matter Where You Are and No Matter Who They Are!

We don’t care who it is, how much money they make, or how intelligent they claim to be or how famous they are; everyone loves a good palm reading or its politically correct name palmistry. What would you do if you were single doing a reading for someone and found the star mount of Venus? Well whatever you wanted to do with one of the world’s greatest lovers. The star mount of Venus is a star that appears on the hands of the greatest lovers in history. What about the star of Jupiter or the star of Apollo, Luna, Mercury, or Saturn? Those are all covered in this bonus. Get their attention by telling something about them just based on their fingernails or the shape and length of their fingers, then watch as they unfold their bodies and their secrets placing their palm in your hand.

What are the 10 myths of palm reading? Well you’ll learn those in this report also. You’ll be prepared with the clever and witty response for every one of them. No matter who it is you can squash the naysayers and capture the attention of anyone you desire. You’ll discover the thumb secret that reveals how generous someone is—use this to avoid selfish people in advance. What your marriage line reveals about when and how long you’ll be married. How many children you’re supposed to have and whether they’re intended to be boys or girls. The shape, quantity, and direction of your children lines is pretty cool. Remember, human will always plays a part in all divination. Maybe you should have two kids but you ended up with one because there was some indiscretion in a lost marriage. Human will is always a factor to be aware of as you explain your readings. What does your head line reveal about your smarts, your memory, and your creativity? What does it mean if it’s forked at the end? You’d be amazed at how fun and accurate these palm readings can be and why so many people go to such lengths to seek out palm readers and soon do whatever they can to find you too.

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The One Minute Relationship Forecast

Have you ever had a friend or a loved one that couldn’t stand to be around, but then suddenly something happens and that person is the only person you think about or want to be around? Well this forecast explains this for you. Here’s a snippet: The course of any life goes through 9 year cycles incorporating the vibrational energies of the numbers 1 through 9. When we finish the 9th cycle we begin again with 1 and proceed through the 9 numbers. These cycles affect everything in your life and you can quickly determine which cycle you or anyone else are in, be it your lover, friend, family member, partner, boss, or coworker. All you need is the day and number of the person’s last birthday. You don’t even need their birth year because you are calculating their personal year which is this year.

Here’s an example from a very valuable report: Going back to Bill, a 5 year, and Mary, a 7 year, you can see that Bill is quite social and looking for someone to have fun with while Mary would rather be at home reading or taking classes in a subject of interest to her. She is certainly attracted to Bill and may accompany him to plenty of parties, but she won’t be enjoying herself as much as she might be during other times in her life. After November when her personal year goes to an 8, she may resent Bill’s happy-go-lucky attitude while she buckles down to work. If they manage to stay together until Bill’s next birthday things will settle down as Bill does when he enters his 6th year. Because a year does not change for an entire year you can easily run the personal year number in your head and refer to your quick printout sheet or your cell phone, and eventually you’ll remember what all of these personal years mean at the top level. Have fun with this one, it’s a very interesting relationship microscope.

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Your Lucky Stars or The 84

In astrology there are 12 signs and you’re probably familiar with the basic characteristics of your own sign. This is a very generalized description of course as all humanity is simply classified into 12 groups, but all the same they do contain information that is very pertinent to you. But what happens when you drill down into the current state of the solar system as it relates to your birth sign?

You get revealing information like this: Sun in the second house, the most important time of year for you financially, a number of matters relating to money will be important. It’s time to work for future security. Or this: Mercury in the fourth house. You may find yourself collecting for a charity at this time, your domestic life will be important, and your time at home will be busy. You will change familiar routines not always for the better. This report gives you step-by-step instructions and charts that will let you calculate your lucky star report until the year 2020. You’ll discover good and bad times to start new projects, travel, change jobs, ask for a promotion, take risks, moves, invest in real estate, make money with something you created, take a new step in a relationship and much, much more.

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The Psychic Phenomenon Handbook

In 2001, the family that started the journey of building Numerologist.com attended a private closed door meeting. This meeting centered around the most controversial and sought after topics we know of, nothing was held back. ESP, psychokinesis, the super conscious mind, the conscious, subconscious mind, how to see the aura, how to read the aura, aura colors, karmic factors, the numerological pyramid, feeding chakras, the pendulum, ESP cards, psychic aids, healing systems, psychometry, and more. All was covered in this closed door meeting that only a select few were invited to attend. The greatest questions and the most coveted secrets for possessing the powers for each of these divinations was revealed and then quickly put away and never talked about again. Why? Because the global shift that was coming at that time had not moved into full swing yet.

At this point you could not say psychic without someone labeling you as a crazy person. Heck, today we’re still careful with who we share our most intimate information and we have to use the word intuition just to be safe. Sharing our innermost desires even with those we completely trust is a very scary thing and we usually only share the surface information that we know is safe for that person, but it has gotten much better thanks to this shift. This handbook will help you find the answers you’ve been waiting to get, but were not sure who to trust. But again to be clear, we are not the source for all things psychic and out of body. We do specialize in the scientifically based mathematical formulas and frequencies that rule our world, but we come from a point of light and a space of love and trust. So we proudly offer you our most precious family gift—the gift of sight. And the most important sight you can imagine, a sight you will never see with your eyes. Oh, and if you’ve wondered if there was a shortcut to that thing called meditation, there is and it’s in there too.

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Premium Numerology Member Software Package

With our Premium Numerology Members Software Package, you get instant access to 2 of our favorite tools, The Mini Reading Magician and The Lucky Number Generator!

We had a number of our premium members ask us if we could create a page that would give an instant reading to a friend, a loved one, or a future loved one without all of the explanations of how it was created. This way they could generate readings at any time they wanted that were a little bit deeper and a little more secretive. For you, our future premium members, we proudly offer you the Mini Reading Magician. Well we both know that it’s nowhere near magic, but the person you’re doing the reading for won’t know that. If you’re doing this by computer you can also print out for your friend or a loved one and they can take it with them. This quick and effective software reveals a lot about the personality of the person you are reading and gives them enough data that they will either 1) agree emphatically or 2) deny in person only to come back later and quietly agree in private.

Now that’s just the Mini Reading Magician! In this package you will also get our Lucky Number Generator! Imagine typing the name of anyone you meet into this software and it immediately reveals their lucky numbers for the day and the next seven days. Think your lucky number is a 7? It may not even show up, or if you’re like me it shows up every day this week in combination with another number but it’s not in my universal lucky numbers. Universal lucky numbers are the numbers that show up always and are not just based on the next seven days. For me 3, 8, 3, 8, and 15 were my universal lucky numbers and still are. The weird thing is I actually love the number 3. I had no idea 15 was a lucky number for me though but it does make perfect sense. I can’t wait until you do yours and you find out what your lucky numbers truly are and if they’re what you thought they were. This software can be used on your phone, computer, or anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s super simple to use and it takes about six seconds to type in your information and get your results.

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The Dream Interpreter

Learn how to interpret your dreams with this report. There are certain general rules for interpreting dreams. In order to have any real significance they must, according to general belief, occur during a healthy, tranquil sleep. Never take seriously dreams of suffocation, drowning, falling from a great height, or others of a similar nature. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred these dreams result from physical causes and are not at all prophetic. Sometimes dreams are a mere jumble of impressions. This does not necessarily mean that they have no meaning. Such nonsense dreams often contain valuable clues.

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Mastering The Tarot

Most people who buy books on the Tarot want to learn how to use the cards as quickly as possible — not to read a long and detailed history of the Tarot. Because of this, I’ve developed what we believe is a faster way to cover some of the major points, which we include in this report such as “The Top 5 Myths of The Tarot.” If you’ve wanted to learn tarot this is the easiest way to understand the age old technique.

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The Aura Analyzer

Have you ever heard someone say, “She has a certain aura about her”, or “There was a certain feeling in the air”? You may have even said something similar yourself. Exactly what do we mean when we say something like that?

Our personal auras are thought to contain information about our personalities — our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotional states — and it is suggested that we can learn a great deal about our mental, physical and spiritual health by examining our auras. Taking this idea a step further, by looking at your present attitudes and tendencies it is also theoretically possible to get a look at potential outcomes in the future.

There are many ways to experience auras that go beyond the physical act of seeing one. So, what exactly is an aura, and where does it come from? Find out all about what your aura reveals about you when you buy this report.

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The Secrets of the Pendulum

The most basic pendulum consists of a weight attached to a string or chain. As we will see in this report, a pendulum can be as simple as a washer tied to a piece of string and as elaborate as the imagination will allow. To the casual observer, using a pendulum is quite simple: you pick up one end of the string or chain, ask a question, and wait for the weighted end of the pendulum to swing. There is a bit more to it than this, but nothing so complicated to prevent the serious student from experiencing results from the very beginning. Pick this report up to learn more about The Pendulum.

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