Wholistic Living with the Pendulum

We are inclined to limit our lives by concentrating our attentions on the one small area at the expense of the whole. By using the pendulum we can find out which areas are being neglected and need special attention. We all know people who are very successful in one area of their lives but dismal failures in others. For the instance, someone might be at the top of his field professionally but have a string of broken relationships. Someone else may be very intellectual but totally out of touch with his feeling – and so on. If we are out of tune in this way, we can rectify the situation with our pendulum.

According to Isadore Friedman, well known radiesthetist (pendulum user) in his book “The Mathematics of Consciousness” five areas should be balanced for the individual to live happily and well. These are:

the physical aspect (food, clothing, good health):

the mental aspect(intellectual ability, the ability to communicate and share ideas);

the financial aspect (career, earning enough money to do the things one wants to do);

the social aspect (friends, emotional nourishment, love);

the spiritual aspect (inner growth, search for meaning and purpose in life).

If any of these areas are imbalanced the person is likely to feel unhappy and frustrated. Friedman writes the five aspects on a five-pointed star and recommends that you check yourself out in each category once a month. Hold your pendulum over each point of the star in turn and ask yourself “Am I balanced in this area of my life?”

Friedman also suggested using the twelve houses of the Zodiac as together they cover just about every aspect of a person’s life. Draw them in a circle divided into twelve areas (called ‘houses’) and write the different categories in each house. Hold your pendulum over each house and see if it gives you a positive or negative reading. If shows negative over, say, the second house, it shows that you have negative reading. If it shows negative over, say, the house, it shows that you have negative and blocked energies which are causing problems in the area of money and finance. Once you know this, you can take practical steps to correct the situation. You may find that this block has been there just about all of your life, and you may have to think way back into the past to find out what originally caused it.


  1. Self image, physical characteristics, personal concerns.
  2. Finances, possessions, material values.
  3. Close relations, mental activities, all kinds of communication, short journeys.
  4. The family, parents, early environment, deep psychological matters.
  5. Children, creativity, pleasures, love affairs, speculation, hobbies and sports.
  6. Work, service, health, fellow workers and working conditions.
  7. Marriage, partnership, relationships, enemies, the public.
  8. Finances and resources of others, inheritances, emotional values, birth, death, sex and
  9. Philosophy, law, religion. Expansion of self through mental, spiritual or physical exploration. Travel, foreign lands.
  10. The career, reputation, social status, public image. Highest achievement in life.
  11. Hopes and wishes, friends and acquaintances, long-term objectives, love received.
  12. The sub conscious (inner mind), psychic, that which is hidden, mysteries, sacrifice, mysticism.