What is ESP?

Parapsychology is the branch of psychology which specializes in psychical research. The whole field called Psi and is divided into two parts: extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK). ESP can be defined as being to influence and object or event. Mind over matter.

PSI simply short for “psychic” and represents the whole field of psychic phenomena.

PARAPSYCHOLOGIST, the term used to describe someone studying the field of psi. As you are doing this course you can legitimately describe yourself as parapsychologist!

The area of ESP can be divided into a number of sub-categories:

TELEPATHY This is the ability to send and/or receive thoughts. Mind reading. If I am thinking about something and you pick up that thought, it would be an example of telepathy.

CLAIRVOYANCE This is the ability to know something without using the usual physical senses. It comes from a French word meaning “clear seeing”. If you were able to tell me what was inside a room that neither of us had been in before, it would be an example of clairvoyance.

PSYCHOMETRY This is the ability to get feelings about something whilst holding or touching it. For instance, if you were holding a watch and obtained a clear picture of its owner whilst doing so, it would be an example of psychometry. This is generally regarded as being a branch of clairvoyance.

PRECOGNITION (or PREMONITION) The ability to foretell a future event. If you had a strong feeling that a certain event was going to occur, say, two weeks in the future, and it actually happened, this would be an example of precognition. Many people receive predictions in the form of dreams.

Psychokinesis can be divided into two categories;

POLTERGEIST PHENOMENA Poltergeist is a German word meaning “noisy spirit”. This is involuntary PK and the results are attributed to the noisy spirits. An example of this type of PK would be physical manifestations in a haunted house. If you were sitting quietly at home and an ornament on the mantelpiece suddenly toppled off and fell to the floor without any apparent cause, it would be an example of poltergeist phenomena. Most usually found when adolescents are living in the house.

LEVITATION and MOVEMENT The ability to make something move or alter in some way by using the power of the mind. Uri Geller’s spoon bending could be an example of this form of PK. Gamblers try and use it regularly, for instance in trying to roll a 6 with a die.

It is not essential that you believe in ESP, but you will progress much faster if you do. IF you believe that EWSP works, you are more likely to be successful with it. If you are naturally skeptical about the subject, simply suspend disbelief for a while and see what happens.

Relaxation and meditation are the best possible preparation for using your intuitive abilities. Try and be physically relaxed and passively alert. If you are too aggressive, or approach the different tests with a do-or-die attitude, you are likely to fail. Most people, when they start to get information from their intuition, dismiss it as simply being their imagination. AS soon as they consciously think this, the energy flow ceases. Don’t try to analyze what is coming through, but simply remain relaxed and receive it passively. There is plenty of time to evaluate later.

Try and use it in your everyday life, too. True, you may not be relaxed when the phone rings, but, before you answer it see if you can determine who is at the other end. If you are going to meet a friend, see if you can intuitively determine what he or she will be wearing. Your successes will delight you, but don’t let failures discourage you. The more you practice and exercise the better you will become. Remember to relax and let it happen.