5 Incredible Ways This Virgo New Moon Will Make You Get Your Life Together

As the challenges of the past few lunations are still somewhat fresh in our minds, a New Moon of epic proportions is set to rise, ushering in a period of practicality and grounded manifestation. A Virgo New Moon urges you to look inwards, to focus on not only your wellbeing but also your plans for the future. As the master planner, Virgo is calling for you to sort out your priorities and get yourself together. Use this incredible cosmic energy as the fuel you need to launch yourself into a new horizon. Looking for a moon-powered boost? Here are 5 potent ways this Virgo New Moon will make you get your life together.

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Your September 2020 Astro-Numero Forecast: 3 Actionable Steps That Will Help You Tap Into The Practical Energy of This Month

September is in full swing! As this is a 4 Universal Month inside a 4 Universal year, September is filled to the brim with practical energy. At this point in the year, you’ve planted the seeds for what you want to manifest, so now is the time to nurture your abundant crop. Take some time this month to water your ideas and watch as they bloom into something beautiful. How will you tend to your Divine garden this month? Tune into this empowering Astro-Numero forecast to uncover the 3 steps you need to follow to align with the practical power of September.

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What’s your #1 Manifesting block? Right now, there’s something holding you back from success with the Law of Attraction. Do you know what it is? If not, there’s no need to worry. We have something up our sleeves that will help you discover what’s standing in your way. Take this quiz to unveil the #1 thing that is blocking you from attracting what you desire.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Why This Week’s Cosmic Tide May Steer You Towards Unchartered Waters

This week’s cosmic brew is piping hot! But not to worry, if you know how to navigate these choppy waters then you’ll find yourself on solid ground in no time. Let’s dive in, shall we? Since Mars Retrograde’s reign of terror has started, you might be feeling a little on edge, but there’s no need to slip over. This is an opportunity to channel Mars’s feisty energy into something more productive in your professional or personal life. Luckily for you, this week’s Virgo New Moon is charged with all the practical power you need to get this train back on track. What other cosmic developments are on your horizon this week? Get your personalized horoscope to find out. 

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This Weekly Tarot Reading Will Unveil What Is Missing In Your Life

Is there something missing in your life? Can you visualize what it is? This is the week to look inwards and align with your truth. If you’re in a place where you feel unfulfilled then it’s time to move on. You have the power to consciously create anything that you desire, so there’s no need to hold back. This is your time to press mute on the negative self-talk and find out what you’re really capable of. Your happiness is waiting for you, so go and get it. How will the cards help you navigate this week? Take a deep breath and choose #1, #2 and #3. 

This Angel Message Will Reveal The 3 Core Ingredients You Need To Create Change

Change can be a difficult thing to navigate, especially if you can’t see the path ahead. Once you equip yourself with the right tools, you will discover that the road ahead isn’t so scary after all. But what do you need? Tune into this empowering Angel Message to unlock the 3 key ingredients that will pave the way to Divine change in your life. Are you ready to find out what they are? Call on your spiritual support team to guide you as you select Angel message #1, #2 or #3.

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