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Are you ready? February is going to be an incredibly powerful month! Charged with the potent energy of #2, this period is inviting you to break down the gates to receive your gifts. As February is a 6 Universal month inside a 4 Universal year, there is a strong feeling of support that’s swirling through the air. This is the time to harness this energy to build a solid foundation for your dreams to bloom! Don’t forget that you are the guardian of your own garden, so make sure you’re taking the time to nurture your growth. Tune into this month’s Numerology Forecast to discover how to tend to your dreams (plus you’ll hear about your chance to win a one-on-one session with Nat!).

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How To Unlock The Romantic Secrets Encoded In Your Life Path

As it turns out, your Life Path number has everything to do with your love life… From the qualities that capture your heart, to the exact timing of when the stars align, and to who you are when in love. The most precise way to decode how your romantic life intertwines with your Life Path is through a Tarot Card reading. Discover what the cards will reveal about your romantic destiny…

This Tarot Reading Will Help You Discover That You Are Free To Carve Your Path!

You have the power! It’s time to recognize that only you have the ability to light the road ahead… so stop focusing on where others are headed and listen to your inner compass! The Universe has a plan for you, so there’s no need to follow in someone else’s footsteps! What’s in store for you this week? Pick #1, #2 or #3 then click the button below for your free Tarot Reading from Vannessa!

Find Out How Venus' Dreamy Sail Into Pisces Will Have You Riding The Waves of Sweet Romance!

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride! The event of a Mars-Neptune square may have you feeling a bit wobbly, but don’t let a shaky start to the week get you down! As soon as that Mars-Neptune square lifts, the mist will clear and things will be back to normal! The rest of the week is smooth-sailing, and with Venus’ sweet voyage into Pisces, you’ll be cruising on a wave of romance in no time! What other exciting developments will the cosmic air stir up? Get your weekly horoscope from Kelli Fox to find out.

imbolc brigit

5 Ways To Celebrate Imbolc That Will Help You Invoke The Divine Energy of Goddess Brigid

Are you in the mood for a fresh beginning? Well, this is your chance! February 1st marks the arrival of Imbolc — a potent power day in the Celtic Calendar. So, say goodbye to your January blues because Imbolic is here to open up the shutters and welcome in the light! But wait, that’s not all! Imbolc is also the feast day of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, a bringer of new life that will light the way out of the dark! Discover how these 5 steps will help you invoke the fiery magic of Brigid

Angel Number 2222 Hand Touching Light

Have You Heard The Astonishing Truth Behind Angel Number 2222?

2/2/2020 is soon upon us! Do you know how to align with the potent energy of #2? In numerology, this digit holds an incredibly potent vibrational frequency of intuition and insight. As one of the most psychically aware numbers, it often appears as a portal to divine messages and guidance from above so now is the time to tune in! This powerful number is inviting you to take inspired action that will shape your desires into being. Will you accept? Discover how to unlock the immense energy of 2222…

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