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How To Align With The Abundant Energy of 2020!

With the holiday season done and dusted, now is the time to harness the fresh vibes of 2020. There is an air of abundance swirling through the collective, can you feel it? This is your chance to invest your time and energy wisely to reap the rewards, both financially and romantically! But, be careful. It’s important to ground yourself in optimism and positivity to ensure your shadow side is kept at bay. Just remember that you have the power to manifest whatever it is you want this year, so don’t give up! What’s in the cards for you this week? Pick Tarot card #1, #2 or #3. 

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Discover How Your Astrology Will Influence The Year Ahead

If 2019 was intense and challenging for you, you’re not alone. It was a year that pushed us all to the limit, dredging up old emotions and patterns all so they could be processed and let go! But there’s something you should know about yourself before getting too far into 2020. What you may not realize is that the intensity of the past year was by design. It may be difficult to believe that there’s any sense or rationale behind the things that don’t go as planned, but the real question is… is the cloud of chaos behind you? Or are you about to waltz into the eye of the storm? Drawing on your own astrological influences, this short video will help you navigate the year ahead. What will you uncover?

How To Prepare For Your World To Be Turned Upside Down During This Massive Astro Week!

This is a big week in astrology. Like, a massive week. The biggest week in the heavens in a long while and it really does have the potential to be the most dramatic week of 2020. Discover the planetary alignments which will influence your week and get your personal horoscope here…

This Uplifting Angel Message Will Give You The Courage To Start Your Next Chapter

A new beginning awaits! Are you ready to turn the page? As we now settle into this new decade, it’s time to leave any unnecessary baggage in the past and leap forward! Now is your chance to cast your desires to the wind and allow your intentions to guide you. This next chapter is still unwritten, so this is your chance to write your own happy-ever-after!  Don’t worry, your Angels will be beside you every step of the way! Pick Angel message #1, #2 or #3

10 Eye-Opening Signs You Have Encountered A “Walk-In” Soul Exchange

New Year! New Decade! New You?! This week, your Angels are helping you make an important change. What great timing with all of these epic transformative vibes in the air! So, take a moment and take a deep breath. Put your hand over your heart, and ask your Angels to guide to you message #1, #2 or #3. Then click below to get your first Angel Message of the decade!

These 4 Magical Tips Will Turn Your New Year Intentions Into Reality!

2020 is here! So, what better time to create the life of your dreams than right now?! Even if you’re unsure of what is it you want, right now is the perfect time to reflect on your path and ask yourself which direction you’d like to go. Are you ready to align with the rich potential of the new year and set your intentions for the next 12 months? Feeling overwhelmed by your possibilities? Not to worry, these 4 magickal tips will equip you with the support you need to make your dreams a reality!

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Will You Reignite Your Love Life When Venus Makes Her Voyage Into Compassionate Pisces?

Bon voyage! On January 13th, Venus will sweetly sail into the compassionate waters of Pisces. As Pisces holds the final place in the Zodiac, this cozy alignment represents the closing of cycles. But, don’t despair, this doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for rocky terrain! Instead, this is an opportunity to reignite the spark and refresh your romance… just don’t let that Piscean over-sensitive energy get the best of you.