How To Open The Portal To Your Personal Transformation During The Equinox (22 Sept 2020) + A Special Live Equinox Event

Tomorrow (9/22), a pivotal portal of transformative power opens in the Cosmos. A moment when the Universe is compelling you to seek the truth from within. Yes that’s right, the Fall Equinox (or Spring Equinox for our Southern Hemisphere friends) is upon us. The Equinox marks the sacred tipping point between Seasons. This potent period asks you to draw a line between light and dark, forcing you to confront whatever is lurking in the shadows. This is your turning point. Are you ready to get real about who you are and what you want? Discover how to harness the immense energy of Equinox (plus join us for a very special LIVE Equinox Event).

Your Weekly Horoscope: This Week’s Cosmic Vibe Will Add A Little Sweetness To Your Life

Transformative vibes are in the air, thanks to tomorrow’s Equinox, and life will be sweet as sugar this week, as the Sun makes its sail into loving Libra. But prepare yourself because Mercury in Scorpio is here to add a little sting to your step. How will you personally navigate this week though? Get your personalized horoscope to find out.

This Tarot Reading Will Reveal Whether Or Not You’re Ready To Fully Invest In Your Love

Sometimes, love is like a battlefield. This week your relationship will face a trial by fire, which means that it’s time to ask the tough questions. But there’s no need to be afraid. Your connection is being challenged for a reason and now is the time to find out why. This is an opportunity for you to find out whether you’re ready to fully invest in this relationship or cut your losses. It’s time to call on the truth inside your heart. But are you ready to hear the answer? Discover what other developments are in the cards for you. Pick Tarot reading #1, #2 or #3. 

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This Empowering Free E-Book Will Equip You With The Tools To Break Through Your Abundance Blocks

If the chaotic twists and turns of 2020 have impacted your job, threatened your income, or thrown a wrench in plans of launching or growing your business, then not to fear, Mary Morrissey is here to help. Discover how Mary’s empowering e-book will equip you with the tools to break through each of abundance blockages and embrace financial freedom. Are you ready to overcome these subconscious barriers? Get your free copy of Breaking Through Your Hidden Blocks now. 

Why Mercury in Scorpio’s Fierce Vibe Will Help You Take Control of Your Life

On Sunday, Mercury is set to spin through Scorpio, but what does this mean for the collective?  Under this sky, communications feel strong, motivated and strategic. Getting to the heart of the matter is a must so with Scorpio in the mix, expect conversations to quickly find their way into the deepest corners of the mind, you could discover yourself spilling secrets to a stranger you’ve only just met, such is the power of this planetary placement. While offering up an emotionally charged energy signature, this Mercury sign is nothing less than highly controlled. If you want someone or something, this is the time to get it. Discover how to embrace the fierce energy of Mercury in Scorpio.

libra season

5 Sneaky Ways That Libra Season Might Sabotage Your Life (& How To Avoid Them)

Tuesday marks the start of the Sun’s foray into easy-going, fair-minded and oh-so-agreeable Libra. Here, the celestial solar God will stay for an entire month, until taking flight for the waters of Scorpio on October 22nd. Libra slows us down. Libra cooperates. Libra holds an unassuming energy, so gentle that it can sometimes be hard to even detect. Nothing to worry about, right? Not quite. Here are 5 ways that Libra season could sabotage your life and how to avoid them happening to you!

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