Weather Superstition

Rain before seven, clear before eleven.

To predict weather for the evening, look at your coffee in the morning. If the bubbles that rise after the sugar has been
dropped in stay in the center of the cup, it will be fair. If they go to the side, it will rain soon.

It will be fair weather:

- If before sunrise the fields are covered with mist,
- If the clouds at sunrise fly to the west,
- If the full moon rises dear,
- If there are clouds in the east in the evening,
- If spiders work early at their webs.

Signs of bad weather are:

- A pale sunset.
- A halo around the moon.
- The creaking of furniture.
- Pain in one’s corns.
- A cricket chirping loudly.

The chirping of a cricket can also be used to estimate temperature. Count the number of chirps in 14 seconds; add 40
and you will have the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Frost year, fruit year.
Year of snow, fruit will grow.
A February spring is worth nothing
Thunder in March betokens a fruitful year.

Sunshine and shower, rain again tomorrow.

When the mist creeps up the hill,
Fisher, Out and try your skill;
When the mist begins to nod,
Fisher, then put by your rod.