Venus is the Planet of Love and represents harmony, love and unity. It governs our social and love life.

Venus In the First House.

Happiness and affection will come to you in this period. You will be flattered by the attentions of others and inclined towards romantic dreaming. Indulge yourself in this happy period.

Venus In the Second House.

Luxury will be important to you at this time and you will be given, or buy, something special and out of the ordinary. Artistic interests will blossom in this period.

Venus In the Third House.
You will feel an all-embracing oneness with the Universe at this time, bringing feelings of peace and harmony. You will be extremely cooperative and helpful to others, and this will rebound to your benefit.

Venus In the Fourth House.
You will sort out your priorities at this time, bringing the realisation of the value of a harmonious home and family. Your social activities will center around the home and may even inspire you into tackling that fiddly decorating job you had been putting off.

Venus In the Fifth House.
You will need glamor and romance in your life in this period. You may spend money on fashionable clothes or an exciting evening out.

Venus In the Sixth House.
This period covers harmony at work and you may find yourself trying to improve your working conditions, or finding more congenial employment. Your intuition will guide you in making the right decision.

Venus In the Seventh House.
A time for improving your relations with others, particularly with business or romantic partners. If single there is the danger of scattering your affections and forgetting the people closest to you.

Venus In the Eighth House.
There could be problems with finances at this time, but fortunately Venus will help smooth the way for you. You may not find it easy to make up your mind at times and waste nervous energy in reaching for decisions.

Venus In the Ninth House.
This period favors cultural and aesthetic activities. You will mix socially with well travelled, interesting people who will stimulate your curiosity into unusual areas.

Venus In the Tenth House.
A time where you will be using social contacts for business reasons. This will work only if you keep everything on a light, casual basis. A too matter-of-fact outlook could destroy, or hamper, new interests.

Venus In the Eleventh House.
An excellent time for all social activities. You will feel vibrant and alive - ready for all invitations. The best time of the year for forging romantic attachments.

Venus In the Twelfth House.
A quieter time for you, when your attentions will center on people less fortunate than you. A vague feeling of unease could prove unsettling, but will be without foundation. You, or a close friend, may be having a secret romantic relationship.