Uses For The Pendulum


To determine If someone is compatible with you write their name on a piece of paper and pendulize it. If you are compatible it will indicate “yes”.  If not, “no”. You can also determine which person out a group would be most compatible for you. Write down all their names and test each one. You may find two out of five test positively. Do the test again with these two to determine which person would be the better. This can be useful in determining the right person for a certain job. You can also see if any two people are compatible. If you are thinking of introducing Bill to Betty you can see if they would get on before taking matters further.


If you are unhappy in your work you can use the pendulum to see what sort of occupation would be better for you. On slips of paper write down all the different occupations that interest you, even slightly, and then test each one with your pendulum. As you hold the pendulum over each slip ask yourself, “Would this career be a good choice for me?” Ultimately, you will be left with one or two possibilities and this is where you should focus your attention.

If you are in the fortunate position of being offered several different jobs, write down the name of each company and test to see which one you would be happiest in. The results can sometimes surprising. The most obvious one may test negative, whilst a less favoured option proves highly positive. Trust the pendulum. The favoured choice might be disastrous with all sorts of unseen difficulties. The company might be taken over, the boss may be impossible to get on with, etc.

If you are hiring staff it would pay to test the applicants to ensure you hire the right person.


You can use the pendulum to choose the right teacher for you. If you are thinking of learning to play the clarinet, for instance, you can test the names of the possible teachers to make sure you select the best one for you. One person may have a wall full of diplomas but be totally incompatible with you and your needs. For you the best choice may be a struggling student, teaching part time to help make ends meet. You can find the right person with your pendulum.

You can also test other aspects of your study. Say you are studying Japanese. The bookshop has several books, all of which look good. Try writing their names down and using your pendulum to see which is the best book for you.


Hold the pendulum over a photograph of the person you wish to contact. Concentrate on the pendulum and it will revolve for a few minutes and then stop. A t this point put the pendulum away and shortly you should hear the person you were trying to contact.


None of us is perfect, but hopefully we all trying to improve ourselves. The pendulum can be very useful in this regard.

For instance, the pendulum can help release emotional problems that we may not have been fully aware of. Volney Mathieson discovered that all thought and emotional were electrical in nature. Consequently, all our fears, resentments, feelings and worries can be picked up by the pendulum. Mathieson developed a word list and was able to read off the person’s reaction to the words using a device he invented called an electropsychometer. The results astounded people who were tested as it brought up all sorts of emotions that they were not aware of harboring. This is quite natural. When we have a feeling that is too intense or painful our inner mind builds a wall around it to protect us. If it did not do this we could be flooded with painful memories at any time. Once the emotion has come to the surface it can be discussed and put into proper proportion, releasing unnecessary fears and emotions.

You can find Mathieson’s complete word list in his book “Super Visualization”, but any list of words would do. Select them from a daily newspaper. Instead of buying an expensive electropsychometer use as pendulum, and it will tell you which words relate to hidden fears and emotions. Once you know what they are, you can then do something about them.