Use Your Understanding

The third step is very important -- put what you have learned into practice. Without this step, the first two steps have little or no value. Having identified the ground color in your aura allows you to identify where in your life you may need to focus more attention.

As an example, take the person from our last example that has a ground color of red. This person will know that they are fulfilling their Life Path if they are physically active and involved in ambitious projects. If they are suffering from a lack of energy or interest in life, they will find that they can get back on track by getting more exercise and seeking out people and projects that will make use of their outgoing and energetic nature.

The same approach works for all of the other colors as well. If you don’t feel that your ground color accurately identifies the direction you are currently moving in, try bringing more of the color’s characteristic influences into your life. A simple way to do this is to meditate on the color itself. Another method is to wear clothing of that color, which will serve to remind you of your ground cover throughout your regular activities. Decorating your house and workplace with items using your ground color is another way to bring its influence into your everyday life.