Uranus is known as the Planet of Altruism. It relates to unorthodox matters, disruption and change.

Uranus In the First House.
Uranus brings sudden change, so there will be a major change in your personal life at this time. You will alter old habits and make new friends.

Uranus In the Second House.
Outside circumstances will have a major bearing on your finances, and any changes will be
unexpected. Exercise caution throughout this period. Changes could be good or bad.

Uranus In the Third House.
There will be brand new interests at this time, and your views regarding other subjects will alter radically. Anything unusual or out of the ordinary will hold great appeal.

Uranus In the Fourth House.
This cycle occurs every 84 years bringing major changes with it. This will affect home and family life, and the change will be totally out of your control.

Uranus In the Fifth House.
If single there will be new attachments with people who are unusual, or possibly slightly eccentric. You will become involved in some form of creative activity that will become highly important - and possibly lucrative - to you.

Uranus In the Sixth House.
You will feel stifled by routine work and may make a sudden change to something more exciting. Your desire to change things for the better may not be appreciated by everyone.

Uranus In the Seventh House.
There will be a number of emotional ups and downs at this time, which could prove disastrous to shaky relationships. Strong relationships are unaffected. If single you will enter into anunusual type of relationship.

Uranus In the Eighth House.
Take extreme care with financial matters at this time as sudden changes could affect these for better or worse. Interest in the psychic and occult worlds will be high.

Uranus In the Ninth House.
You will widen your horizons, significantly altering your outlook on life. A good time for travel, especially to strange or unusual places.

Uranus In the Tenth House.
There are likely to be dramatic changes in your working life, possibly even a new career. You will have the desire to make this change quickly, but investigate everything carefully first.

Uranus In the Eleventh House.
You will make friends with some unusual people with interests widely diffent from your own. You may well join a group engaged in humanitarian work.

Uranus In the Twelfth House.
You will become involved in a new, very private interest at this time which may make you appear secretive to others. Be careful to remain scrupulously honest, as sudden changes could reveal anything unethical.