The Sun

The Sun is the largest and most important planet in our solar system, giving life, vitality and wellbeing. It is highly positive, hot and authoritative. Any house the Sun focuses on is important.

Sun In the First House
The Sun is always in the First House on your birthday, and this is the time of year when you are placed in the forefront. You will find yourself full of energy and keen to start new projects. It is a time for advancement and progression. However, guard against being too impulsive.

Sun In the Second House 
The most important time of year for you financially. A number of matters relating to money matters will be important. It is a time for work relating to future security, but also a time for spending.

Sun In the Third House
A good time of year for taking up new interests as you will find it easy to absorb new ideas. Communication is important. It is likely that letters you write or conversations you have will be of more significance than usual. A good time of year to change jobs, and the best time for travel.

Sun In the Fourth House
The time of year relating to real estate, particularly your own home. You will have the desire to improve your home in some way, maybe by wall papering, or even adding on. The desire to use sunny colors will be strong.

Sun In the Fifth House
A successful time for all sporting activities, love affairs and artistic endeavors. A lucky time of year, also, which is fortunate as you will be tempted to take the odd risk. Social activities, parties and other entertainments will be very enjoyable for you, especially as you will find yourself sparkling and making the most of every opportunity.

Sun In the Sixth House
The focus is on work and service at this time, and you will be called upon to do some detailed work. A new influence will come into your life at this time who could be watching your work closely. Hard work at this time will be well rewarded. People whose work involves helping others will feel inner sources of strength aiding them. Health and hygiene come into this period, and you will find yourself thinking of diets, exercise and possibly new sports to improve your health.

Sun In the Seventh House
An important time, bringing happiness through the success of someone dear to you. This could be your marriage partner, lover, child, or someone else very close to you. The success could be in the form of a promotion, a title or a win. A good time to meet someone new whose enthusiasm and joy for life lifts you up to new heights. This person will bring happiness and new interests. This is a time to examine all close relationships, and work with your partner on solving any difficulties. You will find that you can both do this dispassionately for your long term benefit.

Sun In the Eighth House
Interest in psychic phenomena and the occult will be high at this time. Money matters will be important and can involve other people’s finances. This could include legacies, mortgages, insurance claims and taxation. Your feelings will be strong at this time, and intuition very high.

Sun In the Ninth House
Your ideals will be high at this time, and you could feel vaguely unsettled. The desire for travel will be very strong. You may suddenly become interested in some serious study, generally of a philosophical nature. A chance meeting with a well travelled, interesting person will act as the catalyst to the exact nature of this study.

Sun In the Tenth House
The best time of year for dealing with those in authority. The time to aim for a promotion or increase in pay. This is the time to bring attention to yourself so that you are noticed. You will find your work important, and your ability to express yourself heightened.

Sun In the Eleventh House
Your sympathetic understanding will be needed to help a friend. New social contacts will be made, giving the opportunity for longheld desires to be realised. You may find yourself part of a team working towards a common goal.

Sun In the Twelfth House
You will find yourself thinking about where you stand at this time. This is best done quietly and on your own. Do not be too hard or critical on yourself, and concentrate on your successes. This introspective period is important and you will emerge from it a warmer, stronger person.