The Pendulum

The pendulum is a very useful tool for getting in touch with the deeper levels of our being. In 1949 prehistoric cave mural was found showing dowser looking for water. Carbon dating revealed that the mural was at least 8,000 years old. So dowsing has been around for quite some time. For a lone while it seemed to be almost forgotten, but in the last hundred years interest has increased again, particularly in Europe where the pendulum is often used for medical diagnosis.


The pendulum reads exact energy patters. Every living this is surrounded by energy, some good and some bad. We can easily sense and distinguish different energies. Cleve Backster’s experiments vividly showed how plants will shrink away from negative energies. All living things have this capability, but we humans are either not aware of it, or tend to ignore it most of the time.

How can we meet someone and in just a few seconds dislike them or feel they cannot be trusted? Our nervous system is the communication system in our bodies. The brain gets its information through the nervous system, and then transmits that information back. Hence we may feel drawn towards someone without knowing why. If our nervous system was working perfectly we would not need any outside aids. Someone with a perfect, well-attuned nervous system would merely have to think about a problem and his brain would send out energy wherever it was necessary to bring back the required information, and he would see the answer as a physical sensation. Sad to say, few of us are that well developed, and this is where the pendulum becomes useful. These responses the pendulum makes do not come from the pendulum itself, but from your inner being – your inner mind and super –conscious mind communicating through your nervous system. As a result, when we hold a pendulum over something we are measuring the interaction of that object’s force field with our own nervous system.

Interestingly enough, it is not necessary to have the actual object or person present to get accurate readings. The famous French priest, Abbe‘Mermet, was able to successful dowse for water and minerals in Africa from comfort of his office in France. Verne Cameron was able to demonstrate to the American navy how he could locate the position and depth of every submarine in the Pacific Ocean. He was also to determine which submarines were in American and which were Russian.

How can this sort of thing happen? The term, teleradiesthesia (detection from a distance), give a clue. If you imagine your mind as being a combination radio and TV receiver and transmitter and then think about a certain object (or person or idea) you will become in tune with it – get on the same wavelength. Nerve cells to vibrate in resonance to it and the nervous system caused the appropriate movement to take place in the pendulum.