The Past

For those who believe in reincarnation, the pendulum can be a very., useful tool in the exploration of past lives. While the following exercise is not a full-blown Past Life Regression, it can be very helpful in identifying many of the lives and lessons you may have experienced at one time. Experience has shown that it is advisable to only investigate one life per session. A typical Past Life Pendulum session might go like this:

1) Pick a time of clay that will be conducive to quiet reflection, and prepare the space where you will be working by dimming the lights if necessary A single candle can be helpful to both set the mood and to signal to your subconscious mind that something special is about to occur. Keep a pencil and a. notebook handy to record the answers to the questions you are about to ask. 

2) Get comfortable and say a suitable prayer or invocation such as, “May the answers I receive today be for the Highest Good of all concerned, and bring me greater understanding of both myself and the Universe around be”

3) Take three slow, deep breaths and relax, letting all of the tenseness in your physical body just slip away.

4) When you feel ready, ask your pendulum, ‘’Am I ready to start?”, and wait for it to swing in the “Yes” direction.

5) Once your pendulum has indicated that you are ready to receive the information, you can start your past life investigation by identifying how long ago one of your lives may have occurred. Ask your pendulum, “Was this life more than a hundred years ago?” and wait to see if it responds with a “Yes” or a “No.” If it responds with a “Yes”, ask “Was this life more than two hundred years ago?”, and keep going until you get a “No.” You now know how long ago this particular life took place.

6) The next thing to determine is where the life in question took place. Ask your pendulum, “Did this life take place in North America?” and wait for the response. If the answer is “No”, keep suggesting different continents until you get a “Yes.” If you like, once you have identified the proper continent, you can narrow the location down by suggesting different countries on that continent.
If you receive a “No” to every continent, you may need to explore the possibility that the life in question took place on a planet in a different part of the galaxy, or possibly even in a different galaxy in the universe. If that is the case, you may choose to use the Alpha-Numeric Chart to have the pendulum spell out the name of the planet. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize the name of the planet, since there are so many that are unfamiliar to us.

7) Now that you have learned the time and place of this past life, ask your pendulum whether you were a man or a woman.

8) Even though you already know a great deal about this past life, you’re about to learn even more. Ask your pendulum, “Was I a member of the aristocracy?” and wait for its response. If it is “No”, suggest different segments of society that you may have belonged to, including merchant, military, worker, religious, artist, scientist or healer. If you receive a “No” to all of the occupations you have suggested, you may want to ask the pendulum to spell out the answer using the Alpha- Numeric Chart.

9) The final question to ask your pendulum about this past life concerns the specific lesson you needed to learn. Possible lessons you may want to ask about are love and emotion, prosperity and success, and various physical challenges such as poor health or handicaps. The specific lesson that you needed to learn in this past life may provide clues to conditions that are present in the life you are living now, and this insight can be most helpful.

You now have a fairly complete sketch of one of your past lives. If you want to explore various aspects of this past life even more, you may want to read some other books on the subject that can be found at your local library or bookstore.