The History of the Tarot

Most people who buy books on the Tarot want to learn how to use the cards as quickly as possible - not to read a long and detailed history of the Tarot. Because of this, I’ve developed what I believe is a faster way to cover some of the major points, which I include here as “The Top 5 Myths of The Tarot.”

If you are interested in learning more about the origins and development of the Tarot, you’ll find a fairly comprehensive history in Stuart Kaplan’s “Tarot Classic” (US Games, 1972). Just beware of the tendency Kaplan seems to share with just about every other writer on the subject, and that is to first state that there is no proof as to where the Tarot originated, and then offer many exotic and fanciful theories for your consideration as if they were fact.

Here, then, is a very abbreviated look at some of the myths concerning the Tarot.