The Four Main Numbers

It is unlucky for a bride to look in a mirror after she is completely dressed. To marry a man whose name begins with the
same letter as one’s own is considered unlucky.

The bridegroom should not see the bride’s trousseau before the wedding.

A bride must wear something old and something new; something borrowed and something blue.

Married on Monday, always noon; Married on Tuesday married once more; Married on Wednesday, happy match;
Married on Thursday, splendid catch; Married on Friday, poorly mated;

Married on Saturday, better waited; Married on Sunday, Cupid’s wooing; Married in the morning, quick undoing.

Place a piece of wedding cake under your pillow and you will dream of your future husband.

The following rhyme occurs in

“The Progress of Matrimony”

“But Madam, as a present take
This little paper of bride cake,
Past any Friday in the year,
When Venus mounts the starry sphere,
Thrust this at night in pillowbeer,
In morning slumber you will seem
T’enjoy your lover in a dream.”