The Classic Aura Color Scheme

A red aura derives its color from the Root chakra, and as such is representative of blood and the primal, physical energy that is needed to ensure our personal power and self-preservation. It is through the application of this energy that we are able to maintain groundedness, good physical health and achieve prosperity in the material world.

The Root chakra is often associated with the element of fire, and as a result the presence of red in an aura can often be an indication of a strong sense of purpose and passionate nature. A balanced red aura will display the admirable qualities of drive, will power, commitment and determination, while an imbalanced shade of red can often indicate stubbornness, willfulness, aggressiveness and overbearing behavior.

An aura that is both red and unbalanced is an indication that the Root chakra is blocked. Since the Root chakra controls our “fight or flight” reflexes, an unbalanced red aura may manifest itself with feelings of fear, nervousness or an overall sense of insecurity or anxiety.

An orange aura originates in the Sacral chakra, the source of our emotions and sexuality. The Sacral chakra corresponds to the element of water, and as such the presence of orange can translate into seemingly placid emotions (“still waters run deep”) or take on the qualities of a raging river.

Like the sun, which is often associated with the color, a rich orange hue would be an indication of an emotionally warm and sensitive person, although as noted above, if the shade of orange is too dark, there is the possibility of an emotional imbalance, often related to sexual origins. This imbalance can also manifest itself as false pride or selfish behavior. When the shade of orange is bright, it indicates positive feelings and a natural sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

For many people, yellow is the first and easiest color to see when they begin observing auras. Originating in the Solar chakra, this color signifies the presence of wisdom and the intellect.

This color is most often seen in the aura of the logical and quick thinker who craves new opportunities to learn and use their mental abilities, but it can also be seen in the aura of anyone who is deep in concentration. It’s interesting to note that the color yellow carries the connotation of happiness and good fortune, two outcomes that often result from the practical application of our planning abilities.

When deeper shades of yellow are observed in someone’s aura, it often means they are relying too much on their analytical side. This excessive thinking and analysis often leads to perfectionism and the quality of being overly critical of those around us.

The green in an aura comes directly from the Heart chakra, and indicates compassion, sensitivity, sympathy, and a nurturing ability. Green has long been the color of healing, and someone with a lot of green in their aura would instinctively be a natural healer, especially if the shade of green is bright and close to the blue end of the spectrum.

Green has also been associated with growth, and with this color in your aura you would not only have good results with plants and animals, you would be able to help other people to realize their ambitions by providing them with your inner strength optimism and support.

When darker shades of green are observed, it is often a result of envy, jealousy and possessive thinking. If the aura is predominantly green, it may suggest that the person has given too much of themselves and is experiencing a feeling of distance from those around them. A quick way to remedy this situation is for the person to take a break or a vacation and do something for themselves.

Emanating from the Throat chakra, blue is the second easiest color to detect after yellow. As we learned from our discussion of the Throat chakra, this is the color of communication. When present in the aura, it means that a person has the natural ability to express themselves, and this will often be seen in the way they write and speak. A good sense of creativity is always helpful when looking for new ways to express oneself, and usually goes hand in hand with the ability to communicate well.

A balanced Throat chakra will produce a fine blue color in the aura, and will be seen predominantly in people who are completely dedicated to honesty and truth (i.e., they’re ‘true blue’) and are always sincere in what they say. In some cases, this means that the person will say exactly what’s on their mind, regardless of the consequences. As you might imagine, this is not always the best course of action, and can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. At it’s worst, this quality may lead to bitter and sarcastic modes of thinking and speaking.

As the color blue moves into the deeper shades (and closer to indigo), there is the potential for isolation and the feeling of loneliness. Accompanied by a deep integrity, these tendencies can be used in a positive way if one applies them to the development of their spiritual development.

The effect of the top three chakras’ higher functions can be seen especially in the color of indigo in the aura. Coming out of the Brow chakra, the color indigo indicates a keen imagination and a very strong sense of intuition. As the chakra located between the Throat and Crown chakras, the Brow chakra blends the qualities of the physical world with those of the spiritual.

It is no surprise that the Brow chakra is often referred to as the Third Eye, since it governs both physical and intuitive sight. The presence of indigo in your aura would signify personal power in one or both of these areas and a strong potential for developing them further in the future.

Intuition and imagination are also necessary for the pursuit of spiritual awareness, and the color indigo is often seen in people who are on a spiritual quest as they work toward the development of a personal belief system.

For many, this spiritual quest will lead them to a humanitarian outlook on life, and they will derive a great deal of satisfaction from serving others. As you might imagine, the potential danger in this is that others may take advantage of their giving nature.

The color violet originates in the Crown chakra, which is usually the one of the last chakras to be developed. Characterized by wisdom and spirituality, the Crown chakra generally doesn’t receive much attention until later in life.

An aura that has a lot of violet in it indicates that the person has found their spiritual path and receives a great deal of strength and comfort from it as they become increasingly aware of their true connection to the Infinite. Since it is difficult to lead a totally spiritual existence, it is rare that an aura will be predominantly violet, and the presence of violet is usually seen at the outer edges of the aura.

It is difficult for most people to work on the development of the Crown chakra until they have mastered the other six chakras, and as a result the person who has reached this stage of their personal evolution will have a solid comprehension of how the world operates. This understanding will give them both practicality and humility, which will be indicated by the presence of lighter shades of indigo. Darker shades will be seen in someone who is not only spiritual in nature, but possesses a powerful will and passion for the divine.

Silver corresponds to the Karmic Chakra, and is thought to be where past life patterns reside. Often a person whose aura is dominated by the Karmic Chakra will display quiet and Zen-like qualities that allow them to reflect on lessons learned in past incarnations. Silver in a person’s aura can also indicate a person who possesses a great deal of creativity and fertile thought, although it seems as if these people are continually challenged when it comes to actually following through on their sometimes grandiose plans. If properly motivated, however, the person with silver in their aura can surprise everyone with what they can accomplish.

Gold is associated with the Universal chakra, and it is considered to be one of the most dynamic colors to be seen in the aura, signifying a great deal of spiritual energy, accompanied by deep inspiration and dedication to the principles of universal harmony.

People with gold in their aura are able to see things from a larger, universal perspective that allows them to achieve success on a greater level than the average person. In a sense, the color gold represents a person’s ability to act as a “cosmic alchemist”, taking the basic materials of life and transforming them into spiritual gold. In some cases, this ability may be a result of a sudden revelation or inspiration that they have received and integrated into their life.