Techniques & Applications

Before you begin working with the specific techniques and applications of aura reading, it’s important to understand a few things about the experiences you are likely to have. As with anything else in life, the degree to which your experiences are positive, negative or neutral depends to a large degree on the expectations you carry with you.

This is certainly the case when you begin to work with auras. Too many people have expectations of being able to see bright, vivid colors from the very start, and in most cases these expectations are simply unrealistic. Remember that the energies of the aura can be very subtle, and patience must be exercised as you develop the required sensitivity.

Remember also that auras are not part of the visible, physical world that most of us are accustomed to. Auras belong to a level of existence beyond the merely physical, and act as mediators between our everyday material world and the eternal world of the spiritual.

As you begin to work with auras, try to take a light-hearted approach. Your chances for success are far greater if you simply relax and appreciate the process as it unfolds. To adopt an overly serious or doggedly persistent attitude will not help or accelerate your progress, and will only serve to make the experience less enjoyable.