The Two of Pentacles suggests balancing, juggling many things at once, compromise and playfulness. The carnival-esque figure manages to hold two pentacles mid-air, which are enveloped by an infinity sign, just like the one above the Magician’s head. One the one hand the card suggests pragmatism and practicality; the juggler is able to weigh this concern against that one, balance this limitation with that priority, measure this asset against this deficit. This is one of the assets of the earth suit, Pentacles, as a whole: facility with the practical world, and a strong competence at directing, manipulating and organizing logistics toward the attainment of an aim or the successful fruition of a project. This card may symbolize your ability to nourish your health and physical well-being while still tending to a busy work schedule, or it may reflect a sound, balanced checkbook. It may show a need to take equal care of two sides of your personality, say a need for solitude balanced with a love of socializing, or spiritual exploration balanced with security needs.

While the Pentacles suit on the whole does represent money, materialism and the more mundane, pragmatic aspects of physical reality, the pentagram on the coin, which is an esoteric symbol in High Magick, suggests that beneath all these ephemeral, superficial aspects of the physical world, there is also a hidden magical force. Mysterious spirits live even inside mundane objects like precious metals and. We often take for granted the beauty and magic of nature and our surroundings. Trees, rivers, exotic creatures and brightly colored flowers seem normal and boring to us, because we have become jaded and numb to their magnificence through sheer familiarity. We lose sight of the fact that these are amazing, bewildering and wonderful expressions of an incomprehensible divine force. But the Two of Pentacles reminds of us of the nearness and immediacy of this magic that is all around us. The infinity sign reminds us that there is a universal, timeless spirit which pervades even the most blunt and seemingly prosaic objects, like coins, as well as the potential for any such object to be transformed into a ritual or magical tool. The juggler may in fact be summoning forth this infinite spirit through his interaction with the coins; thus one reading for the card may be finding a deeper meaning or magic in simple tasks.

Astrological Association:

The Two of Pentacles card is connected to the Moon as a sign of high adaptability, as well as the Moon / Mars as an indication of capriciousness.

Card meanings upright:

The Two of Pentacles card may indicate that you have income from multiple sources and are juggling your finances. You may also be investing money in different places, stretching your money as far as possible, or bartering with others. Now is a good time to balance your finances and set priorities in your financial life.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Two of Pentacles card is reversed, it may mean that you are struggling to juggle all the demands in your life. You may have a tendency to lose sight of your finances or struggle to make practical choices, and feel you are always in chaos rather than security. You may have outgrown your career or dealing with emotional insecurities during this time as well.


The Two of Pentacles card may indicate that you should be considering a risk in your work life. You may need to limit that risk some and make sure not to focus on more than any two tasks at once. If you are looking for work, you may find good results by finding two prospects and researching them thoroughly rather than spreading interest and applications among many jobs.


The Two of Pentacles card may indicate a lack of time or energy in your romantic life. If you are in a committed relationship, you may struggle to find enough time with one another, but you will both benefit by keeping your relationship a top priority and putting the energy into making sure you spend quality time together. If you are looking for love, you may try to convince yourself you’re ready for love when you may not truly be ready for a relationship yet. You may need to create some space for yourself and focus your energy there for some time before beginning a new romantic relationship.


The Two of Pentacles card may mean that you need to put some focus into determining exactly where you are financially. You may need to balance your spending or consider ways you can make more money for your future. Now is a good time to invest and spend wisely.


The Two of Pentacles card may mean that you are feeling as though you do not have enough time to nourish your spiritual life. You may need to rethink this, and will likely benefit from spending small amounts of time on your own for quiet and contemplation throughout the day. To find balance and peace, you may need to focus on feeding your body, mind, and spirit.


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