The Ten of Pentacles card represents extravagance, abundance, security, status, influence, political power and family heritage. We see abundance that is positively overflowing, so much so as to potentially become stifling, boring or simply taken for granted. The ten pentagrams, an esoteric symbol of magic, are everywhere yet no one seems to pay them any notice. Perhaps you are ignoring the resources at your disposal, or perhaps you have become jaded or cynical about your opportunities for change.    

On the other hand, perhaps the resources are not really the point. A crest of some sort rests high above the family, who are well-dressed, abundant with mother earth’s gifts and even have some pure bred dog companions under their care. Though this is a family, it almost has the air of an organization of some kind. This is an image of the family as an institution, a foundation for traditions, ethics and knowledge, as opposed to a source of unconditional love and support, as is suggested in the Ten of Cups. In the highest expression of the Pentacles, it is more a question of heritage, bloodline or tradition.

This card may not literally represent your family, but instead your workplace or other organization of which you are a part. Loyalty, trust, positive relations and consideration are important and essential qualities for these situations to function healthily and productively, even if the deeper emotional needs are not necessarily met. Here we are supported, not so much by attention and care of our listening loved ones, as by the simple structure itself. We have a role, we know our place, just as we do in our families, and this provides a point of orientation which is helpful to the ego. Family, even in disharmonious households, provides a stabilizing sense of identity of one kind or another, and we rely on this for a sense of security. This is evidenced by the fact that children of abusive households often gravitate toward abusive partners, because it is a familiar, and thus in some bizarre way, comforting feeling, reminiscent of their roots.

This card represents a level of security or stability that is almost unshakeable; the top-hatted bespectacled barons of “old money” and images of exclusive, wealthy, “members only” yacht clubs come to mind. Yet however comforting and rewarding such abundance may be, it also brings responsibilities, concerns and obligations that can eventually become oppressive or overwhelming. Some one has to cut the grass, wash the seven cars, renew the permit for the boat, take the dog to the groomer, clean the jacuzzi, do the taxes… Our possessions can wind up possessing us, closing in on our freedom in the way the Pentacles seem to crowd in around the family.

Astrological Association:

The Ten of Pentacles card is connected to Jupiter in the second house, as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Card meanings upright:

The Ten of Pentacles card can represent security and wealth in your life. You may gain wealth through an inheritance or valuables passed down to you from a deceased loved one. You will likely feel safe and secure in your family unit, and carry this peace with you wherever you go because you know you always have a place where you are loved and cherished.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Ten of Pentacles card is reversed, it can represent wasted, lost, or delayed wealth. You may be ready to retire, but find that you don’t have adequate finances to do so yet. You might have made poor investments or have very little in savings.


The Ten of Pentacles card may mean that you’ll suddenly receive a raise or a better position you were not expecting in your work life. You will likely enjoy your new situation immensely. If you are looking for work, the perfect position with the right salary may soon be yours if you don’t give up and keep persevering.


The Ten of Pentacles card may indicate happiness in your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, you may soon move to a new level with your partner by living together, getting married, or having a child. You are likely to enjoy a peaceful, happy period in life, and should make sure your partner knows how much they mean to you. If you are looking for love, it may mean that a new love will come into your life very quickly if you are open to a relationship.


The Ten of Pentacles card may mean that you will receive positive, upbeat answers to any questions you have been asking in your financial life. Your finances are likely flowing well, and you will have more than enough money to meet your needs. Now is a good time invest in your future by saving some of the abundance you’re now receiving.


The Ten of Pentacles card represents a time of peace, joy, and prosperity in your spiritual life as well. You may explore how you can deepen your spiritual growth and revel in the good feelings you are experiencing. Now is a good time to share your joy with others, and keep a journal of all the happiness you’re experiencing so you can use it as a reminder in the cycle of your life.


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