The Seven of Pentacles symbolizes fruition, productivity, momentum and busy-work. The Pentacles are now growing out of the ground all by themselves, and no longer require conscious, disciplined work and effort in order to continue. Our projects and work at some point take on a life of their own, beyond which we can only guide and influence their direction, but no longer alter the fundamental nature. The somewhat forlorn expression of the gardener implies the depression that some people experience once their services are no longer required, or, alternatively, boredom at the tedious or mundane work. Perhaps he is simply tired, having invested so much of his personal life force into this project; yet there is definitely satisfaction in the fact that the transference of this energy has taken root and is now living, breathing and even nourishing life outside itself all on its own.

This may represent a blase or jaded attitude toward situations which used to give you pleasure, or it may simply suggest taking a break in work. It may be time to “take stock” of all that has been achieved, or move into a period of reflection and observation to determine whether your project or work is operating in the way that you want it too. After long periods of dedicated and exhausting labor, we need to take a rest in order to regain perspective. Sometimes when we look back at what we have produced, all we are able to see is the flaws, or the ways in which it failed to meet our highest expectations. Looking at the reality of what we were able to accomplish can sometimes painfully pale in comparison to the images we had in our limitless imagination. Often we have simply become too used to looking at it or thinking about it that we cannot really appreciate what it might offer to people who are not as directly involved with it. The Pentacles suit in particular reminds us of the obscuring effect that familiarity can have on us when we view objects which we ought to see as magical and wonderful.

On the other hand, this card may signify work or relationships which simply are not enthralling to you anymore, and which you might be better off leaving behind. Do not allow your life to become boring, stifled and ordinary out of a need for security, stability or money. Work should animate and nourish the spirit, and the primary reward should be the work itself, not the financial remuneration for it.

Astrological Association:

The Seven of Pentacles card is connected to Jupiter / Saturn as a symbol of patience and slow, steady growth.

Card meanings upright:

The Seven of Pentacles card can indicate that a vision in your life will pay off in the near future. The seeds you are planting now may soon be ready to harvest and bring your security and abundance in your life. You may earn a reward through long-term investments and planning. You may need to exercise patience or take a step back to look at the value of all your efforts.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Seven of Pentacles card is reversed, it can indicate impatience or a tendency to move forward before the time is right in your life. You may have invested in the wrong project, and are realizing you may not receive the rewards you had anticipated. While you may love to learn and study, you might also be having trouble keeping a job.


The Seven of Pentacles card can mean that things at work will be going smoothly for you, and you will likely be reaping rewards as a direct and deserved result of your past efforts. You will likely feel quite secure and have enough money to exceed your obligations and bills.


The Seven of Pentacles card may indicate that things are going well for the person you are interested in romantically. If you are looking for love, you may need to remain open to possibilities to find the deep, soulful, happy relationship you desire, and endeavor not to give in to any feelings of fear or suspicion you may have about love.


The Seven of Pentacles card represents an excellent time in your financial life. You have likely invested your time, energy, and money wisely. Now is not a good time for gambling, but for putting conservative, thoughtful planning about where to use all your resources best.


The Seven of Pentacles card may indicate that you are focused on cycles of life, and will likely always get back what you put into your spiritual growth. Now is a good time to share and receive with gratitude, and consider everything you give as an investment in your future.


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