The Queen of Cups symbolizes creative expression, emotional intuition, integration of the unconscious and self-expression. The Queen’s piercing, focused gaze into the depths of her chalice shows her comfort and fluency with introspection, emotional authenticity and the more mysterious forces of life— signified by the esoteric symbols on her exotic looking cup. This cup may in fact be of her own design, for the Queen and Cups symbolizes the highest expression of creativity.

The Queen of Cups possesses a unique blend of compassionate nurturing with psychic insight, making her a wonderful confidante, therapist, healer or mother. Her dress flows almost seamlessly into the river at her feet, symbolizing a unity of the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, which happens in successful therapy or psychoanalysis, the creation of a work of art, an emotional breakthrough and tarot readings. You may be going through such experiences, or you may need to seek them out, or you may want to encourage others toward such breakthroughs.

The Queen of Cups is an expert at blending the world of feeling with the world practical thought, suggested by the abundance of water and earth in this image on this card. Earth, which corresponds to the suit of Pentacles, signifies physical manifestation, as well as practicality and discipline. When the forces of earth and water come together, we see the successful manifestation of unconscious images or emotions into complete works of art, or spiritual wisdom which is relatable and pragmatic. You may now be capable of practical logic which is also inclusive, understanding and joyful. The feminine element of Water finds its highest exaltation in the Queen of Cups, rather than the King. The King imposes too many rules, structures and restrictions on his emotions and his powers of intuition and creativity. The Queen, however, is emotionally present, and has creative “flow”. The card symbolizes fascination, creative power, connectedness, emotional or spiritual intuition, and encouraging or nurturing these qualities in others.

The Queen of Cups is also the patron saint of animals, children, the needy and the misunderstood, for she possesses Mother Theresa-like compassion and empathy. This card may advocate taking a more inclusive, loving approach, or indicate one who embodies such qualities in your situation.

Astrological Association:

The Queen of Cups card is connected to the Moon in Pisces, as a symbol of the subtleties in feelings, readiness to help others, and creative thinking.

Card meanings upright:

The Queen of Cups card indicates that you may be highly intuitive, sensitive, and in touch with your emotions, your subconscious, and the universe. You are likely very compassionate and care deeply for the welfare of others.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Queen of Cups card is reversed, it may indicate that your psychic abilities are blocked, leaving you somewhat emotionally unstable. You may feel numb to the world or begin to harbor feelings of darkness because of medications or substance abuse. You are likely to be more prone to disappointing others or breaking hearts deliberately during this time.


The Queen of Cups card can indicate that a woman with light colored hair may be very helpful to you in your work life. You may need to focus on bringing love and compassion to your work place, even if you do not work directly with other people all day. Thinking positive thoughts about your work may help you discover that things are going better at work than you imagined.


The Queen of Cups card can represent positivity and new romance in your love life. If you are single, now is a good time to get out and meet new people as a new romance might be waiting for you on the horizon. You may be especially swept away in romance during this time, so take care to keep your balance and perspective intact to help you navigate your new love potentials.


The Queen of Cups card can indicate good news and prosperity in your financial life. You may be feeling especially creative, and now is a good time to reach out to others (particularly women) for advice and guidance that you have been needing.


The Queen of Cups card indicates you may be feeling very connected with all beings right now. You may experience clairvoyance and can remain open to the magical energy of life and love flowing around you. A female mentor may come into your life to help guide you spiritually, which can lead you to deeper understandings.


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