The Page of Swords exhibits the ability to “rise above” conflicts or take the higher ground. Through reason, detached observation, objectivity and critical discipline, we can come up with solutions to problems, mediate between opponents or enemies, deal out just punishments, make sound moral judgements and plan effectively. We can also be too reserved, of course. Sometimes life calls for jumping in and getting your hands dirty, rather than sitting on the sidelines in order to observe with objectivity at a safe distance.

The Page of Swords manages to keep his head high up above personal investment, emotional involvement, subjective bias and over-identification. The Page of Swords may indicate a student, a young, intelligent or curious individual, or an idea or plan in its early stages, when it is important to research, organize, make inquiries and think deeply about the situation or topic at hand. The card also symbolizes swift, casual or easy decision making.

The Page of Swords card may be advocating a curious, communicative, literary or reasoned approach, or it may be telling you to think more objectively and calmly, as opposed to emotionally or with excessive bias. You may need to acquire the openmindedness of youth, which has not yet become calcified in its opinions, mental habits and patterns of judgement over the years, or you may need to review with humility the areas where you are not balanced or rational. It may benefit you to embark on a new course of education, research or study. Find something that intrigues and fascinates you, and learn as much as you can about it.There is also an overtone of casualness with the Page of Swords, indicating an easygoing attitude. Sometimes this relaxed, objective perspective is a great asset, but sometimes we retreat into wit, cleverness or banter in order to escape facing more unpleasant issues or heavier conversations.

Astrological Association:

The Page of Swords is connected to Mars in the 3rd house, or in hard aspect with Mercury and its seeds of discord and conflict.

Card meanings upright:

The Page of Swords card can indicate that you may be a very active and clever person. You may be able to concentrate over long periods of time, learn new skills with ease, and excel in mental abilities and skill. You may be very talkative and restless, and find you can get bored quite easily without constant stimulation.

Card meanings reversed:

If the Page of Swords card is reversed, it can represent lies, gossip, and vicious rumors in your life. You or someone you know may say inappropriate things or criticize others in unfair or cruel ways. You may not be very good at keeping secrets or promises. The Page of Swords can also represent negative legal news in your life.


The Page of Swords may indicate that you will soon be dealing with some conflict in your workplace. If you are looking for work, you may need to exercise humility in your interviews to secure the job you desire. You may need to be cautious of any contracts you’re asked to enter during this time as well.


The Page of Swords can represent mild conflicts coming up in your romantic life. You may need to choose your battles if you are in a committed relationship, and as long as you respect one another, some space and leaving issues be can be beneficial to your happiness. If you are single, now is a good time to get out and mingle and stop waiting for love to drop from the sky for you.


Regarding financial matters, the Page of Swords can indicate that you need to be careful not to assume you know more than you actually do by skimming the surface of your financial matters. You may need to ask for help from experts and should make sure not to overextend your finances with the plan to correct it later.


The Page of Swords card can indicate that you have been ignoring your spiritual side. Even if you may not have been traditionally religious or spiritual in your life, you may begin to develop curiosity about the parts of the universe that are beyond the human eye and logic. You may find out some deeply interesting things if you open your mind to different belief systems.


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