The Page of Cups may indicate an introduction to healing modalities, energy work, esoteric practices like Tarot reading and astrology or an initial venture into one’s own subjective world of dreams, emotions and the unconscious. The fish, a creature native to the mysterious and glamorously alluring depths, pokes out of the water in a friendly, playful way, beckoning the young Page toward exploration of the unconscious and spiritual realms.

This card symbolizes playful experimentation, creative expression, consciousness expansion, religious inquiry and spiritual study. The Page may also have his first experience of delusion, dissolution or deep confusion, for the hazy, fluid, hypnotic and mythological world of the unconscious cannot be reasoned through or organized neatly. We must feel our way through, and, especially since the Page is young and inexperienced, this makes it an easy formula for wining up completely lost, vulnerable and bewildered. The spiritual side of life is also rife with mystery, and this card may symbolize an early encounter of awe, perplexity, wonder or the supernatural.

The Page of Cups is highly friendly. This card may symbolize that you need to take a innocent, inclusive, trusting and open approach. The Page of Cups is without judgment, and can connect easily with practically anyone around, in part because he radiates a buoyancy and generosity of spirit, and in part because he is receptive and sympathetic to every kind of point of view equally. This card also encourages daydreaming, brainstorming, artistic experimentation and playfulness. Don’t get too particular yet, but instead allow your more child-like, starry-eyed self to take over and fantasize about what you wish to create or experience.

The card may represent a spiritual “hunch”, or a piquing interest in magic, spirituality, meditation or one of the fine arts. You may be in the early stages of a creative work, or have a new idea for one. You may have newly surfacing psychic or healing abilities, or you may want to learn about such things. If you are new to Tarot, it may even be referencing your new experimentation with this medium.

Astrological Association:

The Page of Cups card is connected to Venus in the first house as an occasion for reconciliation, or in the fifth house as fun.

Card meanings upright:

The Page of Cups card can represent youth, gentleness, and sensitivity in your life. You are likely a very loving, intuitive soul and may enjoy living a life of wonder and might be a bit naïve at times. You have a highly creative side and you may enjoy singing or writing as your passions. You might soon see something in your life through a new lens and experience positive surprises as a result.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Page of Cups card is reversed, it can represent a lack of motivation, feelings of sadness, or a gloomy nature that brings others down in your life. You may be feeling low emotionally and having issues trusting others. You may need more love than you are able to give, and should avoid making any promises you cannot keep during this time.


The Page of Cups card can signify a season of hope and happy anticipation in your work life. If you have been feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your job, now is a good time to explore new professional options. You hold the key to changing your professional unhappy in your current work, know that you hold the key to changing it.


The Page of Cups card can represent youth and happiness in your love life. You may soon be swept off your feet by a person who is younger than you, if even by a few days. Love does not know about age, so you may need to remember this so you do not discount a great love with someone younger than you.


The Page of Cups card can signify the end of a holding pattern in your finances. You may need to make some important decisions soon, and your finances will likely benefit positively from this decision. If you are deciding on a big investment, you may need to do extra research to make sure you make a sound decision.


The Page of Cups card may indicate that you need to revisit your spiritual rituals if you feel your traditions are going stale. You may need to allow yourself time and space to read and explore, and consider if you want to incorporate new, interesting spiritual information into your existing rituals.


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