The Nine of Cups shows simple satisfaction from the world of sensations. We see a man at a banquet abundant with wine and luxury having a splendid time. It can represent indulgence of the appetites or a contented joyousness at the simpler pleasures. It may symbolize an award ceremony for you or some one you know, or perhaps some one showcasing some of her art or creative work. In a word the card symbolizes fulfillment. In one way or another, the figure in the picture has a horn of plenty, and he is very content with it. Somehow, to different people the card evokes “generosity” and “greed” alternately. Perhaps you are hosting a magnificent party for everyone, or maybe you are trying to hoard everything for yourself. In more negative aspects, this card can indicate covetousness, greed, smugness, addiction or overindulgence. It may show “wanting to have your cake and eat it too”.

In more esoteric interpretations, the card symbolizes  correspondence of the emotional and spiritual bodies, resulting in the physical manifestation of a personal desire. This is represented by the yellow sky matching the yellow floor, just like the man’s red cap matches his red socks. He was able to bring his highest desires down to earth, and make an idea into a physical reality. This is suggestive of the Hermetic axiom “As above so Below”.  In other words, “your stars are aligned” and your wish is coming true. You will attain your heart’s desire. Usually the kinds of pleasure indicated by this card are somewhat simple or earthy, such as good food, wine and company, and a relaxed, joyful atmosphere.

Astrological Association:

The Nine of Cups card is connected to Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune) in Pisces (Moon).

Card meanings upright:

The Nine of Cups card represents wishes that will come true in your life. You are likely enjoying abundance and satisfaction in your life, and are feeling proud about that you have achieved.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Nine of Cups card is reversed, it may indicate that your wishes and dreams are not coming true in your life. You may be experiencing disintegration in your relationship with family and friends due to some of your life choices. It is likely that your pleasure in life has turned to pain, and you may need to focus on filling yourself and your life with personal happiness during this time.


The Nine of Cups can represent good luck in your work life. If you’ve been pursuing a big dream or working on a large project at work, now may be the time that you begin to see good forward progress. If you’ve been interviewing for a job or waiting on a decision from a new employer, now could be the time good things happen for you.


The Nine of Cups card may bring good luck and omens to your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, you love will likely become even deeper and sweeter. If you are single, now is a great time to meet new people and enjoy them without any expectations other than having fun and enjoying your life.


The Nine of Cups card can represent positive, powerful changes in your finances. If you have been visualizing an ideal financial situation, now may be the time it begins to come to fruition in reality. You may find that things will work out financially for you, but not in the ways you’d envisioned.


The Nine of Cups card can represent improvement and positive affirmation in your spiritual life. You may benefit from visualizing how you can enrich your life on every level. During this time, you can trust yourself and your dreams, and may want to begin taking steps to achieve them.


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