In a way the Knight of Wands is the mascot for the entire suit itself. Here we see the image of a brilliantly shining Knight, chomping at the bit ready to take on the world. This card symbolizes taking dynamic, forceful action, inspiring and galvanizing others with enthusiastic, imaginative calls-to-action, and energetic, self-motivated expansion. You can barely hold this figure still. He wants to travel, take risks, have adventures and, of course, go to war— not necessarily in a violent or hostile way, but simply out of the love of challenge, competition and conflict. Nothing makes the Knight of Wands happier than having a righteous war to fight, whether it be literal combat or simply a creative project whose success requires surmounting countless obstacles and going against all odds.

In a reading, this card symbolizes a great burst of energy, or a person who embodies these qualities. It may symbolize a thirst for adventure— especially creative, spiritual or sexual kinds— or a healthy dose of competitiveness which is animating and inspiring. That he is a Knight suggests that the work has not yet been completed; there is much yet to be done, which is lucky for the Knight, who loves activity and despises stagnation and also loves the opportunity to prove his strength, courage and idealism to the world. The Knight, while probably too headstrong, disdainful of practical considerations and overly trustful that everything will be fine, does have some experience and wisdom by this point in his development, and so his powers of rallying and inspiring confidence in others are strong, as is his ability to rise to the occasion and step up and fight. In a reading this card may represent a burst of this vigorous, optimistic and somewhat aggressive energy within the individual, or it may signify a person in the querent’s life who embodies these qualities.

Astrological Association:

The Knight of Wands is connected to Mars in Aries as a symbol of lust for life, the entrepreneurial spirit, energy, impatience and search of adventure.

Card meanings upright:

The Knight of Wands card can indicate that you are moving through life at a very high speed. You are likely the life of the party, and your fun and adventurous spirit makes you impossible to ignore.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Knight of Wands card is reversed, it can represent your desire to win no matter the cost. You may be a charming, talented actor, and likely get your way often. The Knight of Wands can also symbolize ill temper, revenge, and evil in yourself or others in your life. You may also experience troubles in travel or moving on from things in your life.


The Knight of Wands card can mean you will be asked to travel for work soon, and it is likely to go well and bring you enjoyable moments. If you are waiting to hear back after an interview, you may soon find out the good news you got the position you wanted.


The Knight of Wands card can indicate that you may meet a new romantic interest with light hair through work. If you are in a committed relationship, you may need to focus on clear communication in your relationship and make time to talk with your partner. You will likely feel closer and more connected to them as a result.


The Knight of Wands card can mean you finances should be going well with money flowing much more easily during this time. Now is a good time to save, invest, and cut any unnecessary expenses to increase your wealth.


The Knight of Wands card may mean that you will soon be introduced to a new way of looking at your spiritual life, and it will likely appeal to you suddenly and deeply. Now is a good time to explore new information and ideas and give money to spiritual causes if you can.


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