The Knight of Swords symbolizes radical or extreme thought, a zealous campaign or fearless, energetic curiosity. It can symbolize intellectual one-sidedness or the fanaticism. You may be a little brutish or overbearing, utterly convinced in the righteousness or superiority of his own opinions and unable to listen to other points of view. This may represent a political figure, lawyer, activist, religious zealot or communications figure, or simply a talkative, possibly argumentative person. The Knight of Swords card pictures some one really going the distance to prove a point, or some one who must be engaged in constant conversation or activity in order to avoid being alone.

You may need to give a speech or presentation, or you may need to express yourself very clearly, firmly and bravely to some one else. You may need to fearlessly advocate and lecture for a cause, or, alternatively, you may not be seeing how fanatical or intellectually overbearing you are being in one sphere of life or another. You may be defending a person or a cause, or even dealing out punishment to preserve order and integrity. You may need to be forceful and assertive about your boundaries, or confrontational about an injustice, failure or mishap.

The Knight of Swords also shows our tendency to get “carried away” with our thoughts, opinions, worries and judgements. We can become so absorbed by our own perspective and so obsessed with convincing others to see the situation in the same way that we do, that we destroy all opportunity for proper communication at the outset by our stubborn, aggressive, pig-headed attitude. Like the Knight pictured on the card we blaze our way indiscriminately through the opposition, trampling anyone who has a different point of view, drowning out everyone else with our thundering roar. The Knight of Swords may indicate that you have rushed into a decision or judgment, or that you are emptily proselytizing for an idea or plan that you don’t actually believe in, either to save face, maintain appearances or out of habit.

Astrological Association:

The Knight of Swords is connected to Saturn / Venus as a symbol coldness and rigor relations and contacts, or Mars / Mercury as the personification of a sharp mind and debate.

Card meanings upright:

The Knight of Swords card indicates that you may be a communicative, strong-minded, and opinionated person who is action oriented and thrives on change. You may have a competitive streak and probably do not like to let go of your side in an argument.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Knight of Swords card is reversed, it can represent that you or someone close to you in your life may have trouble with self-expression despite high intelligence. You or someone you know may suffer from a learning disability or a speech impediment. The Knight of Swords card can also indicate that there is a lack of observational skill or attention to detail happening in your life.


The Knight of Swords card can be a particularly good omen if you are looking for a new job, as the one you’ve been hoping for may suddenly come your way. If you are already employed, then you may get much busier at work and you will likely experience positive growth that will help you stand out from your peers.


The Knight of Swords card represents that you may soon be swept off your feet in your romantic life. If you are in a committed relationship, it may soon become brighter, deeper, and more satisfying. If you are looking for love, now is a good time to get dressed up and have fun meeting new people. Love may come along for you when you are least expecting it to appear.


The Knight of Swords card can represent positive and unexpected cash flow in your financial life. You may receive money you were not expecting or get a good return on an investment that you were not anticipating. Either way, sharing your wealth in some way may help open up even more prosperity for you in the long run.


The Knight of Swords can indicate a need for silence and space to deepen your spiritual understanding. You may need to find peace through being quiet and still as you seek your spiritual abundance.


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