The Knight of Cups represents generosity, spiritual dedication, wandering, aimlessness, feeling lost or confused, lacking discipline or willpower and romanticism.

This Knight does not plunge himself forward like the Knights of Wands and Swords, but instead looks a bit lost, disoriented or sleepy, or maybe he is only moving along as he feels called to do. This card can imply falling a little too deeply into introspection or fantasy, such that it is draining time or resources, or contributing to a loss of perspective. Even his horse seems to lumber a dreamy, unrushed pace, with his eyes gazing not ahead but into the river below, just like the Knight gazes wistfully into his goblet.

The Knight of Cups can represent the lazier, more passive tendencies of water and the Cups suit, such as a person who can’t discipline himself or use his emotional or psychic intuition to make anything tangible or practical. It may symbolize an abundance of creative talent without the necessary structure, self-restraint or critical judgment. In short, while his creative imagination is active and his emotional sensitivity is very strong, he is not channeling it in any particular direction, but allowing it all to go to waste.

On the other hand the Knight of Cups may simply represent a person whose fight is not physical, but spiritual or emotional. Perhaps you are a visionary artist who fearlessly marches forward against forces of materialism, refusing to compromise your artistic vision for money or attention. Perhaps you are a spiritual warrior, refusing to allow the fast-paced hustle and bustle of your environment to distract your focus from your prayer or moral cause. This card may represent some one who possesses a romantic or poetic quality, or one with a mysterious and subtle spiritual or emotional intuition as to the thoughts and feelings of others. It is the card of “dreamers”, including the young spiritual adept who is genuinely motivated by a desire to explore the spiritual mysteries of life and the deepest depths of the archetypal world of his unconscious, as well as the starry-eyed escapist who seeks to dissolve the boundaries of his personal ego through drink, music, tv, food or sexuality. It can signify a “rescuer” of some kind, especially one who does so through emotional nurturing or providing compassionate and generous support.

Astrological Association:

The Knight of Cups is connected to Venus / Moon as a symbol of cordiality and good humor.

Card meanings upright:

The Knight of Cups card can indicate that you are on a quest to declare your love. You may be feeling especially tuned into your creative side, and music or art can play a large part in your life and love. You may also soon embark on travels that will give you deeper joy and meaning.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Knight of Cups card is reversed, it can represent the end of a relationship or creative venture in your life. You may find you are feeling cynical and unromantic, and these feelings might cause you to use your insights and intuition to make others feel pain.


The Knight of Cups card can signify positive mobility in your work life. Your work projects are likely to move ahead sooner than you were expecting, and you can feel very proud of your accomplishments and contributions.


The Knight of Cups card can indicate you’ll soon receive positive answers to any questions you’ve been pondering in your love life. If you are single, a new love interest may soon sweep you off your feet. If you are in a relationship, you may soon receive a deeper commitment or marriage proposal from your partner. Now is a good time to explore your feelings and be open to positive answers.


The Knight of Cups card can indicate that you may soon receive positive, uplifting news in your financial life. If you’ve been concerned about your finances, you discover things are not as bad as you thought by carefully examining your finances.


The Knight of Cups card can represent new realms opening up to you in your spiritual life. You may soon receive a message from a spirit (which can reside in another human as well) which will help you see things in a whole new way. Coincidences may very well be subtle messages for you, so pay particular attention to these during this time.


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