The Four of Pentacles represents miserliness, avarice, greed, protection, self-centeredness and self-preservation. The man pictured is gripping his coins tightly, as though to say that he will not be sharing his resources with anyone, or as though he himself feels threatened and unsafe. This shows a time when we are perhaps holding on a little too tightly to a sense of security. Sometimes there is good cause to do so. When all life is in chaos, during difficult periods of transition or change, many of us retreat into the security of our homes.

You may now be doing that in a literal sense, by hiding under the covers like the man hides behind his Pentacles, or perhaps in a psychological sense, by resorting to your “comfort zones” and old, familiar patterns of behavior, including ones that you know are not the best for you. Eating is a common response to stressful situations, and this is actually an attempt (whether one is conscious of it or not) to ground your energy; you are looking for a way to feel safe. That is exactly what is pictured on the Four of Pentacles. You may be holding on for dear life to something which provides you with a (perhaps needed) sense of stability.

On the other hand, there are many situations in which this response is unhelpful, and these are the kinds of situations more typically indicated by this card in a reading. You may be too stingy with your resources, or you may be closing yourself off to others out of fear or unwillingness to share. Remember that the universe is infinitely abundant, and there is more than enough for everyone. On the other hand, you may be over-reliant on material resources or creature comforts for providing you with a sense of security and stability.

While in this modern world it is hard to feel truly secure without reliable income and certain material luxuries which we have grown accustomed to, security must start from within. The compulsion to hoard, which this card can certainly represent, comes from a false sense that having more will make one safer, or bring a kind of wholeness. Many people have this same belief, albeit in less pathological manifestations. Cultivate trust and security within yourself, and look to where you may have been trying to find self-confidence or self-worth through material reward. Paradoxically, the easier time you have of sharing and letting go of your material resources, the easier time you will have of acquiring more.

Astrological Association:

The Four of Pentacles card is connected to Saturn in the second house, as a symbol of concern for the future due to unfavorable circumstances.

Card meanings upright:

The Four of Pentacles card can indicate a need for security and recognition in your life. You may have created a solid financial foundation in your life due to career advancements and rising to the top of your field. You may have a constant need to see your wealth increase and might be stubborn.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Four of Pentacles card is reversed, it can mean indicate that your life is lacking in dependability. You may feel as though you have nothing reliable to hold on to, and are likely to spend money foolishly. You may experience issues with money, business, or self-esteem.


The Four of Pentacles card can indicate that you may be staying in a job you do not enjoy because it pays your bills. You may need to elevate your spiritual understanding and believe in yourself to find a work situation that will make you fulfilled, and begin taking the steps to get there.


The Four of Pentacles card may represent fear of love in your life. You may be clinging too tightly to a situation or lover, or find that someone is clinging to you. You may benefit from a bit of healthy space from your lover. If you are single and ready for love, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone to make it happen.


The Four of Pentacles card may indicate that you are experiencing fear or anxiety in your financial life. You may be trying to hold on to every penny that you earn rather than being accountable and deliberate in your spending. Giving a small amount to charity may help you gain perspective and bring prosperity back to you.


The Four of Pentacles card may mean that you need to look deep within to find your hidden fears or discover things that you are trying to hold on to. You will likely benefit from learning about energy centers in your body and practicing meditation. If you are open to change, you may find peace and release from your fears and burdens soon.


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