The Ace of Pentacles symbolizes a gift from the material world, such as a sudden influx of money, good health, a boost in resources, new employment, increase in security or a new and happy experience of nature. You may greatly benefit now from spending time outdoors and nurturing your body and physical well-being, and you may find great pleasure in simple pleasures of food, drink, exercise and hard work. You may be especially practical and productive now, and the Ace of Pentacles suggests that this will be deeply rewarding to you in and of itself, and you may well be rewarded materially for it.

You may be dealing with situations around your home, security, wealth or personal sense of self-confidence at this time. The Ace of Pentacles brings a marvelous opportunity to “ground” ourselves, put down roots and establish a solid foundation. This can be the sort of foundation and security that is found through having a comfortable, safe home, or sensible and reliable earning and savings habits; otherwise the Ace of Pentacles may bring a boost to your personal sense of pride and confidence about who you are, your basic sense of self-worth, and the value of your work. You may feel like putting your nose to the grindstone now— or that may be the best advice for you to hear at this time— and you will likely enjoy the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from putting all of your energy towards creating something that is personally meaningful to you. Whether you are materially rewarded for this work or not— and it is likely that you will be— there is a much longer-lasting value in experiencing your own competency, powers of discipline and productivity. You will enjoy spending time around the home now, and have a good head on your shoulders at this time. Take advantage of the gifts that the universe is bringing to you now by maximizing productivity, shoring up your finances and beautifying or expanding your home.

Astrological Association:

The Ace of Pentacles card is connected to Venus in the second house, as a chance to achieve happiness and fortune in the inner or outside world.

Card meanings upright:

The Ace of Pentacles card can represent a new beginning in your financial situation or an opportunity to enhance your security. This opportunity may come in the form of a new financial understanding, a job offer, a relationship, or an idea that will bring you great prosperity.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Ace of Pentacles card is reversed, it can indicate financial losses or a decrease in your financial security. You may have been anticipating an increase in wealth that didn’t come to fruition. The Ace of Pentacles card can also represent greed, lack of generosity, or you may need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


The Ace of Pentacles card may mean that you will be moving into a new position or a new realm of responsibility in your work life. If you are looking for work or considering leaving your current job for a new one, now may be a good time for good news in places you were not expecting.


The Ace of Pentacles card may mean that you are soon going to experience you committed relationship in a new, more connected way. If you are looking for love, there may be great promise right now and you should be prepared and enjoy yourself.


The Ace of Pentacles card may mean that you are going to have much more money available to you, and you will likely be able to pay off debts and have an opportunity to share your wealth with someone less fortunate. Now may not be a good time to spend frivolously though, as you may need to plan for a rainy day in the future.


The Ace of Pentacles may indicate that you will try something new in spiritual life. You may visit a different place of worship, and if you are usually private about your spirituality then spending time with others may help you deepen you spiritual understanding in some way.


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