The Sun card represents joy, fulfillment, wonder, happiness, new perspectives and wholeness. The Sun is an image of the divine seed or spirit which animates all of life with grace and vitality. The image on the Sun card is of a gleeful child playing within the unity and wholeness of all life. The world is experienced as meaningfully connected, and one feels himself to be seamlessly integrated into this unity of everything. The child on the Sun card is tremendously optimistic and capable of creating his own reality. He possesses radiant energy of the sun, a symbol of the integrated, essential self, as well as a deep sense of meaning and purposefulness.

The card is also a symbol of enlightenment and clarity, concepts which are both associated with light. The light of the Sun warms and nourishes the earth and all of the earth’s offspring; in a figurative sense, this light warms and nurtures the psyche by imbuing it with understanding and consciousness. Shining a light on the darker, hidden contents of the unconscious diminishes their power over the individual. The individual is more integrated, in control of himself, and more conscious generally; there is nothing in the way, on the inside or on the outside, of his own self-becoming. In this way he can move more swiftly, effectively and joyfully toward the completion of his highest aims and attainment of psychological or spiritual wholeness.

The Sun card indicates a time when one is able to grasp the meaning of the events in his life, as well as the positive intention that was hidden beneath more difficult periods of stress and hardship. One is able to appreciate the benevolence of nature and the natural inclination toward growth, expansion, perfection and unity of every living thing. This love and enthusiasm for life itself is contagious to others, and the more one can hold himself in this vibration of optimism, clarity and joyful ambition, the more life will continue to feed him this positive, energetic vibration.

Astrological Association:

The Sun card is ruled by the Sun, which is the ruler of purpose, character, will, determination, heart, health, vitality and consciousness.

Card meanings upright:

The Sun card represents success, joy, sunshine, light, warmth, and happiness in your life. You are probably feeling very warm and sunny in life and really enjoying the time you spend with loved ones. You may have relationships blossoming and may be feeling especially loved or loving during this time. If you are considering a vacation, now is a great time to take much needed time to rejuvenate. You can likely expect an answer of YES to any of your desires right now, so it is a great time to ask for the things you want.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Sun card is reversed, it may mean that new beginnings, success, or happiness are being blocked in your life due to bad reasoning or poor logic. If you are pregnant or raising small children, you may experience some difficulties during this time. The reversed Sun card can also signify an eclipse which will bring an ending to various things in your life that may be outdated. You may be feeling afraid of success or being in the spotlight.


The Sun card can represent a time of growth and new beginnings in your work life. You are probably feeling stable and successful at work, and may even be working on some new opportunities or improvements to your current work systems. If you have been searching for a new job, it may be just around the corner from you now. You may feel a surge in your ego in the midst of your success, so take care to keep it in control and give others credit when they deserve it.


The Sun card can represent space and individuality in your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, both you and your partner might be feeling a need for space and personal development. Try not to be whiny, clingy, or needy during this period, and use the space to help develop yourself in some way. If you are looking for love, then you may soon see it on the horizon.


The Sun card represents positive growth in your financial life. You may be feeling more financially stable than usual, but take care to continue saving some funds in case you come upon unexpected expenses. If you’ve been waiting to hear back on a financial matter, you may soon receive a very favorable answer.


The Sun card represents a time of Truth and beauty in your spiritual life. You may looking for Truth, beauty, joy, and happiness in the world, and there is a good chance you will find all these things and more if you are looking in the right places in your life. This is a great time to explore different spiritual approaches to see what brings you the most joy.


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