The Star symbolizes well-being, spiritual nourishment, happiness, idealism, infinite abundance, and gratitude. This card points to a hopeful, delightful period of life when you are likely to feel trust in life and inner peace. The woman in the image is comfortably naked in nature, with an abundance of water, the source of all life, coming out of the ground, out of her cups and bubbling up from below.

She is powerfully, abundantly connected to source energy of higher power and capable of channeling this energy to others, symbolized by pouring out this energy from both hands.

This card symbolizes attainment of the ideal, and is especially beloved by artists, musicians and poets. Water symbolizes psychic or instinctive spiritual intuition and the raw energy of emotions, both of which are harnessed, transformed and channeled by artists to give humanity and substance to their aesthetic works.

The Star card symbolizes a successful mirroring of inner reality with outer form; the tremendous power and voltage of the human soul has been sculpted, tamed, organized and liberated into a project that now lives and breathes on its own, with a piece of the artist’s own soul animating its spirit. The Star symbolizes the opportunity to “shine”— that is, the spontaneous free expression of your true, authentic (and even ideal) self is easy and natural, and you experience uninterrupted “flow” of energy, inspiration and creativity.

The Star card also indicates hope, healing and replenishment, especially after a period of difficulty or illness. No matter how much water may be used, there is always more. On the one hand this indicates the infinite powers of regeneration that exist within the human psyche and within nature herself, and on the other it serves as a reminder that feelings of lack, deprivation or hopelessness are based on a false assumption of a limited or finite universe.

The universe is infinitely abundant and is ever self-replenishing; absolutely anything is possible to achieve when one is aware of this and aligns himself with this higher power in the manner suggested by the Star— hopefully, faithfully and with gratitude. It is up to the individual whether he chooses to appreciate all the rivers of energy at his disposal or not.

When the Star card appears in a reading, appreciating this fact comes easily and naturally, and happiness, peace and fulfillment reign. You see opportunity for fulfillment and beauty everywhere, and have an easy time making the most of these opportunities.

Astrological Association:

The Star card is ruled by the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus.

Card meanings upright:

The Star card represents hope, joy, optimism, and guidance in your life. You may find that you are finding many satisfying answers to your life questions and feeling more connected to the divine. You are likely emanating light to others and feeling truly fulfilled in your life. You are like a star in the night sky, and will enjoy a time of magnificence, love, and extreme comfort and joy in your unique self.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Star card is reversed, it can mean that you may be facing some false hopes or promises in your life. You may feel like you cannot find your well and are being led astray in some aspects of your life. You may be feeling hopeless, pessimistic, or depressed during this time, and struggling to recognize how much others love and care for you.


The Star card can signify new opportunities and possibilities for you in your work life. You may find that many opportunities will come your way, but only if you remain optimistic and open to something new. Now is a time to update your resume and prepare to open the door if a new opportunity knocks.


The Star card represents light and opportunity in your love life. If you are single and ready for love, now is a great time to go out and meet new people as a new relationship could happen for you at any time. If you are in a committed relationship already, you may enjoy your partner in new, more fulfilling ways.


The Star card represents financial abundance and opportunity in your life. Now is a good time to take financial risks that you can afford, ask for a raise at work, or sell items to others. You are likely to feel prosperous and financially secure, and can enjoy it.


The Star card signifies shared spiritual light in your life. You are probably feeling very connected and spiritual, and now is a great time to share your light with others who might be seeking wisdom and joy. The efforts you put into sharing your light and happiness with the world will likely be repaid over and over.


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