The Magician, card 1, signifies will, determination, self-confidence, self- empowerment and the conscious mind. The numeral 1 is a symbol of man standing upright on the earth, in just the way the Magician is pictured on the card.This card advises taking action, asserting yourself, leading others and increasing your powers of focus and concentration.

The Magician is pictured in the middle of a ritual involving a wand, cup, sword and pentacle, which correlate to the elements of fire, water, air and earth. On the one hand, this signifies the infinite, divine power which each of us are born with, which we may use to build the life of our dreams. Each of us can wield our personal power of will over the four elements (that is, over anything and everything) to attain our heart’s desire. On the other hand, the four magical tools represent the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of an individual, and the card as a whole signifies their integration or unification.

Every person has the power to move mountains if he wants to— wants to being the key phrase for the Magician. This is not a matter of being a dutiful employee or obedient student, superficially completing the work without any personal investment in the the content. The Magician taps into his desires and conscious intentions for the success of his undertaking; he has personal conviction, and he focuses the entirety of his being toward the attainment of his desire. No one can fake that process. There is no way to force yourself to care about something that you don’t care about, and your best work will always be the work that actually matters to you. The Magician thus symbolizes unity, integration or alignment of the self, especially that alignment which comes naturally through expending effort toward the accomplishment of a personally meaningful goal. Feelings of pride, self-confidence, clarity, “flow”, competency and personal integrity are the inner rewards of this alignment, and these qualities serve to further the Magician in his journey toward mastery and wholeness.

This card is usually very positive in a reading, and is a sign that the power to accomplish your desire is already yours. Take confident, assertive steps toward your goal at this time, communicate clearly and enthusiastically to your collaborators, and above all strengthen your personal will, focus and sense of inward determination. Your success is dependent on your powers of desire, focus, clarity, purposefulness and your ability to take action.

Astrological Association:

The Magician card is connected to Mercury, which is the planet of communication, study, and speed of movement.

Card meanings upright:

The Magician card represents clear communication. You have the distinct ability to communicate clearly and effectively and you can confidently and positively “sell” yourself to others. You are skillful, innovative, and can talk to others with great ease. Furthermore, you have the gift of persuasion, and you have the power to draw people close to you to accomplish your goals.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Magician card is reversed, it signals a period marked by empty promises, falsehoods, or misunderstandings that make it difficult to achieve or realize your possibilities. You may find that others do not seem to be taking you seriously. You may also be noticing that the people and situations in your life are more like jokes than authentic opportunities.


The Magician card can mean great improvement or advancement in your work or career. Now is an excellent time to explore new career possibilities or pursue a promotion in your current work place. If you work in a creative field, your work will be well understood and appreciated by your peers or superiors, which may lead you on to new and better opportunities in your work life.


The Magician card can mean new or deeper romantic connections. If you are looking for a new romance, now is the time you are likely to meet someone new and enticing. If you are already in a committed relationship, you will likely experience your connection with renewed commitment and enjoyment. Either way, this is an excellent time for you to be open to meeting new people in your life.


The Magician card can mean you will soon experience an upswing or improvement in your finances. The path to your improved financial situation may not be clear to you at the moment, but something will soon occur that will allow you to make more money. Have faith in yourself and remain open to new ideas, opportunities for side work, or even a new position at work.


The Magician card can mean you are ready to immerse yourself in a spiritual study that you may have considered in the past, but never pursued. You can also benefit by participating in spiritual study groups or discussions. A spiritual teacher may arise to mentor and guide your studies and help you see life in a fresh, new way.

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