The Lovers card represents harmony, equilibrium, symmetry, attraction, desire, choice as well as the impulse to perfection which exists within nature at large and within man himself. This beautiful card displays the profound balance, attraction and union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and the beauty and power that arises from this “perfect” balance of opposites. In its most literal sense, the card represents the throes of passion and the blissful surrender of being in love; You may experience deep connection, attraction or intimacy now, or feel that you have met your “perfect match” or “other half”.

The card also represents individual desire, generally, and not exclusively in a sexual or romantic sense. Indeed, many have found out how powerful erotic energy is toward the attainment of goals, by containing, sublimating and channeling this energy, because it infuses the process with this spiritual/erotic impulse to balance and perfection; the voracious hunger that motivates sexual passion can be directed instead toward work or spirituality.

The Lovers card, even though it seems to be about a couple, is powerfully individualistic, because our personal desires, tastes and attractions are really the basis of a sturdy, coherent identity; personal desires and interests are what set individuals apart from one another amidst the shared conventions, laws and customs of larger society, and the genetic traits inherited from the family. Your desires, interests, likes and dislikes are what make you you.  Your job, your spouse, your friends, your home, your possessions and your hobbies are all determined by your unique set of desires, needs and tastes, and the every-day choices you make which direct and sculpt the trajectory your life.

Adolescence marks the point in life when sexuality begins to emerge within the individual, and not coincidentally this is also the point in life when one begins to break away from his parents and starts developing personal interests, skills and relationships according to his own individual desires. Obviously, there is a deep connection between our erotic energy and our sense of personal identity. Thus the card’s meaning may be extended to “following your joy”, or honoring who you are by pursuing what you truly want. The Lovers card symbolizes the powerful magnetic pull of any desired object, person or situation on an individual. Yielding to this attraction and letting oneself be drawn towards what is desired produces some of the most euphoric human emotions including ecstasy, joy, fulfillment and elation, feelings which are so beautifully and aptly rendered on this colorful, sensual card.

Astrological Association:

The Lovers card is ruled by Gemini which is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Card meanings upright:

The Lovers card represents love, relationships, soul mates, and the physical attractions and choices you need to feel whole. You are likely feeling more enlightened, communicative, intellectually nourished and emotionally fulfilled. This is a great time to seek yourself, follow your passions, try new things, and learn from the power of opposites.

Card meanings reversed:

When The Lovers card is reversed, it can represent a breakup between partners, families, or friends. You may be feeling like there is a lost spiritual or mental connections between you and your loved ones during this time. This feeling may be a result of a wrong choice and leave you uncertain about what to do next.


In the workplace, The Lovers card can mean that you will soon be facing a choice or decision in your job. Do not dismay if something you perceive as bad occurs as work, and it is likely to work in your favor very soon. If you sense a romance budding in the office, proceed with caution and make sure you understand everything at stake before you indulge.


The Lovers card signals a time brining LOVE to the center stage of your life. During this time, you may experience a new relationship or a powerful rekindling of an old flame. You will likely be feeling extremely happy and blissful, and others may even comment that you appear to be glowing. If you are in a new relationship, this could the time that you soar to the next level of connection by meeting one another’s families or talking in terms of forever. Share your joy with others during this time, as many around you may benefit from your happy glow.


During this time of romantic bliss predicted by The Lovers card, you may find that it is easier to lose track of where your personal finances stand. While many things can wait, make sure that you don’t delay any of the things that you must do to keep on track in your personal and financial life.


The Lovers card can mean that a special relationship with a spiritual leader or mentor will come into your life and help you along your spiritual journey. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts to ensure you don’t blindly follow any spiritual teachings that come your way. Store helpful spiritual learnings in your soul and give yourself permission to release any that do not positively impact your spirit.


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